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Study online for an internationally recognised qualification from an accredited institution. MANCOSA supports an online learning environment with a range of higher certificates, diploma and degree programmes.

Study Online with MANCOSA

Sophisticated technology and devices have digitised the world and our communities. This is especially relevant in the area of education. As one of the country’s leading education providers, MANCOSA recognised the need for top-quality online Southern African study options for those students who are not in a position to attend on-campus classes. As a result, we’ve adapted many of our courses and programmes to suit the needs of our community of remote students. Materials and instructions have been tailored to suit a digital form of learning.

A quality tertiary education is now at your digital fingertips. You can choose to study teaching online or a BCOM degree, or you could complete one of our Accounting or Project Management courses online. These smart and convenient online learning options now give you the opportunity to broaden your skillset and vocational horizons.


  • Doctorate
  • Masters
  • Honours
  • Postgraduate Diploma
  • Postgraduate Certificate

  • Degrees
  • Advanced Certificates
  • Diploma

Key features

  • Fully-accredited, successful online qualifications
  • Flexible learning environment
  • Online student community
  • Quality education
  • Cost-effective
  • Set your own pace
  • Remote accessibility to online resources


At MANCOSA, we strive to develop innovative learning and teaching techniques that empower our students. The advantages of online learning over the traditional method of study are growing, with more people choosing to work full-time while they study or those who prefer to set their own pace of learning. Study anytime, anywhere with MANCOSA’s online certificate courses or online supported programmes.

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Types of Fully Online Courses & Programmes you Study with MANCOSA

All of our Higher Certificates now come with the option of being fully online. These courses are primarily entry-level education qualifications with a focus on industry-specific vocations. Gain simulated work experience in this integrated learning environment.

The Higher Certificate qualifications can integrate with all of MANCOSA’s degree programmes. A Higher Certificate is the right choice for those who wish to gain practical knowledge and skills in a particular field and who are eager to join the workforce. Our fully online Higher Certificate options allow students the flexibility to continue working full time or to gain industry experience while studying. It also acts as a bridging programme for those who do not meet the minimum requirements to study towards a Bachelors qualification.


Programmes & Courses with Online Support

MANCOSA offers online support for all our academic programmes, which is a blended learning experience comprising of distance, supported distance learning and online study. This includes our postgraduate and undergraduate degrees, advanced diplomas and certificates.

Registered MANCOSA students are provided with access to online portals and key resources, which can be accessed remotely. The virtual learning environment, which you will navigate at your own convenience, includes library access and online administration.

It means that you can study towards a Masters Degree online as most of the coursework and administration is served via our online portals. You will, however, be required to attend some on-campus lectures or meet with your academic advisor. The frequency of which will depend on the particular degree you are pursuing, which you can discuss with your advisor or our career guidance counsellors.

You can also communicate online with MANCOSA personnel, like your course instructor, academic leaders and career guidance advisors in real-time or at your convenience via our on-demand Ask-the-Tutor platform.

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