The purpose of the Higher Certificate in Healthcare Management qualification is to help aspirant healthcare workers and current healthcare personnel to develop an awareness of healthcare management theories, practices and operations. Furthermore, the student will have an understanding of contemporary managerial practices and the styles of current practice given the nature of dynamic change within healthcare.

Equipping employees with a basic understanding of management skills and knowledge will be an advantage to organisations who need competent and knowledgeable employees to assist in the management, operational and administrative tasks.

Upon successful completion of the Higher Certificate in Healthcare Management programme, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of healthcare management concepts in a healthcare environment and legal framework.
  • Describe the concepts of healthcare economics with an understanding on cost reduction strategies and components of the Pharma economics evaluation methods.
  • Develop an understanding of ethics in healthcare practices.
  • Relate management and administrative principles and practices in the healthcare to diversity and inclusivity of all stakeholders in the healthcare sector.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of principles and processes for optimal service delivery of quality healthcare service.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of planning and policy in healthcare for an informed and optimal service delivery in healthcare service.



Embark on a trajectory leading to positions such as:

  • Medical Administrator
  • Healthcare Admission Clerk
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Healthcare Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Aid Administrator
  • Hospital Management Secretary
  • Human Resource Clerk
  • Healthcare Ward Secretary