The Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Human Resource Management is a one-year postgraduate degree that equips students with skills and knowledge to occupy middle to senior management positions.

The programme is also aimed at providing the student with an understanding and working application of the principles essential to the effective management of organisations, with specialisation in the human resource function.

This programme is offered through distance learning with online support.



  • Make relevant connections between theoretical HRM knowledge and practical application
  • Demonstrate HRM knowledge and awareness of its application in diverse contexts
  • Engage in the HRM field through an understanding of the theories and policies
  • Contribute to human resource strategy and policy development in a variety of organisations
  • Demonstrate the ability to interrogate and evaluate HRM knowledge
  • Access relevant information in terms of analysing and addressing problems related to human resource management in organisations
  • Demonstrate the ability to pursue horizontal and vertical learning and research in the field of human resource management
  • Produce, assess, manage and communicate relevant information to support the human resources function in organisations
  • Demonstrate the ability to function autonomously, exercise ethical conduct and maintain professional standard



Completion of a Honours Degree meets the minimum entry requirement for admission to a cognate Master’s Degree.



Embark on a professional path leading to roles such as:

  • Human Resource Consultant
  • Labour Relations Officer
  • Human Resource Strategist
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Human Resource Business Partner