The purpose of the Higher Certificate in Paralegal Studies is to afford students the opportunity to acquire quality education and skills that they will be able to implement within the legal sector.

This programme will equip students to handle a range of legal issues and manage functional areas related to office practice management, civil and criminal litigation processes, debt collection and deceased estate management.

Additionally, the student will also be able to adequately demonstrate an understanding in successfully analysing a range of legal issues, and identifying the best remedy or solution within the realms of the legal sector.

This programme is offered through online learning. Each module is delivered over a 5 week period.



Completion of the Higher Certificate meets the minimum entry requirement for admission to an appropriate Advanced Certificate. A Higher Certificate may also allow access to an appropriate Bachelor’s degree.



Embark on a trajectory leading to positions such as:

  • Legal Office Manager
  • Legal Officer
  • Paralegal Office Coordinator
  • Paralegal Assistant/Practitioner