Principal’s Message

MANCOSA sets a high standard for its programmes and high expectations for its participants. In the next few years you will be rewarded with an experience unparalleled in supported distance-learning education.

“Educating for impact is the worthwhile core of the academic project.”

There is a need to raise the skills base in the workplace through the pursuit of appropriate qualifications from a reputable and accredited higher education institution.

MANCOSA strives to ensure that it provides higher education that satisfies the needs of the 21st century. Besides gaining deep and far ranging disciplinary knowledge in their areas of study, MANCOSA students develop valuable life skills and become confident, critical and independent thinkers with the ability to work collaboratively. These life skills enable graduates to deal effectively with complex challenges that arise in the world of work and in life generally.

MANCOSA prides itself on its rich diversity, at both student and staff levels, and this trait is bolstered by professional and academic relationships with credible international institutions, including partner institutions under the formidable Honoris United Universities platform. Students get the benefit of programmes that are locally relevant within a rich global context.

Using innovative and pedagogically sound approaches, our academics lead students through the journey of academic exploration that strengthens their ability to apply theory to practice.

MANCOSA graduates leave the institution adequately prepared for both civic responsibility and career mobility. Our vision is to provide education for a better world for all. Study with us, and together we can make this vision come true.

As Kofi Annan said: “Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

Professor Magnate Ntombela

Principal of MANCOSA