The Higher Certificate in Events Management is designed to provide students with the skills and expertise to function successfully in the events management industry. Students will gain both practical and theoretical skills which establishes and enhances competency in the events sector enabling them to adapt well to international event settings. The programme will afford students with the necessary knowledge of the events management industry and its functional supporting areas while being able to apply management principles in the events management context in their future working careers.

Additionally, students will acquire good communication skills (both written and verbal) which is critical in the service industry of events management.

This programme is offered through online learning. Each module is delivered over a 5 week period.



Completion of the Higher Certificate meets the minimum entry requirement for admission to an appropriate Advanced Certificate. A Higher Certificate may also allow access to an appropriate Bachelor’s degree.




Embark on a trajectory leading to positions such as:

  • Conference Planners
  • Corporate Event Planners
  • Event Coordinators/ Wedding Planners
  • Event Managers/ Event Organisers