The Higher Certificate in Social Media and Communication programme is directed at students employed in or aspiring to enter the commerce industry that engages with social media and communication tools.

This programme aims at developing the students’ skills through coursework and actively promoting the effective use of social media and communication tools within the growing, fast paced industry. Students will be provided with a well-rounded understanding of the theory and methodology, which will enable them to engage with social media and communications tools in a professional context.

Higher Certificate in Social Media and Communications graduates will be knowledgeable and prepared for the changing environment of social media and communications and have the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute to the various sectors influenced and impacted by social media and communications.

This programme is offered through online learning. Each module is delivered over a 5 week period.



Completion of the Higher Certificate meets the minimum entry requirement for admission to an appropriate Advanced Certificate. A Higher Certificate may also allow access to an appropriate Bachelor’s degree.




Embark on a trajectory leading to positions such as:

  • Social Media Officer/ Advertiser
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Social Media Content Producer
  • Social Media Content Coordinator