Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management

Emphasises the techniques and methods of managing and planning for marketing.

3 years
NQF Level 7
360 credits

Key features

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  • Cutting-edge curriculum
  • Flexible structure
  • Online support
  • Affordable and Accessible
  • Internationally benchmarked
  • Multicultural Faculty and support


The Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management degree is an undergraduate programme that prepares students for professional careers in the field of marketing. This emphasises the techniques and methods of managing and planning for marketing. Students proceed through the curriculum in a planned sequence that culminates with the development of a marketing plan.

The programme focuses on proven practices and application of theory covering research, the nature of consumers, sales management, advertising, quality management, law and ethics in the marketing environment.

The programme also introduces students to critical thinking skills by providing them with practical marketing principles, examples and case studies, all of which develop the student’s cognitive abilities and enable them to develop marketing strategies for their organisations.


Upon successful completion of the programme, the student should be able to:
  • Demonstrate their competence at applying the basic theoretical principles of marketing management in problem identification and solving, and reflect on the application made.
  • Demonstrate effective communication competence with the different role players in the marketing management field and applying the theoretical principles of communication (oral/written) and reflect on the application made.
  • Analyse and critically evaluate a marketing scenario; develop meaningful suggestions and advice to design and write a full marketing plan.
  • Organise and co-ordinate resources and opportunities in the field of marketing management by applying the relevant theoretical aspects and reflect on the application.
  • Practice acceptable social sensitivity with others and work effectively in self-directed marketing management teams by implementing the relevant theory of teamwork and reflect on the implementation thereof.
  • Utilise appropriate e-marketing technologies in expanding marketing coverage.
  • Promote responsible local and global citizenship through their approach towards the holistic application of marketing management capabilities.

Programme structure

Duration: 3 years

Year 1

Semester 1

  • Business Management 1A
  • Economics 1A
  • End User Computing
  • Business Mathematics

Semester 2

  • Business Management 1B
  • Economics 1B
  • Business Communication
  • Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

Year 2

Semester 1

  • Business Management 2A
  • Marketing 2A
  • Business Law
  • Management Accounting

Semester 2

  • Business Management 2B
  • Marketing 2B
  • Information Systems
  • Business Statistics

Year 3

Semester 1

  • Business Management 3A
  • Business Management 3B
  • Marketing 3A
  • Marketing 3B

Semester 2

  • Business Management 3C
  • Business Management 3D
  • Marketing 3C
  • Marketing 3D

Admission requirements

  • The minimum entry requirement is the National Senior Certificate or National Certificate Vocational with appropriate subject combinations and levels of achievement; or
  • An equivalent NQF level 4 qualification with proven proficiency in English; or
  • A Higher Certificate, an Advanced Certificate or Diploma.


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