Programme Code: SAQA-62129 - NQF level 7 - Credits 360

The Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management [BCom (Human Resource Management)] is an undergraduate programme that prepares students for managerial roles that contribute to their organisations' performance. The goal of the human resources management degree is to prepare human resource professionals to deal with the complexities and challenges of managing today's workforce.

The BCom (Human Resource Management) programme content is designed to provide a comprehensive coverage of the major human resource responsibilities, addressing strategic and operational aspects. The modules involve both practical and theoretical considerations in the professional development of men and women in the field of human resources in such settings as business, industry, government and non-profit organisations and institutions.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to make decisions and act appropriately through an understanding of organisational structure, systems and relevant policies in human resource management practice;
  • Apply various methods and systems in the development of human resource strategies and plans;
  • Evaluate, select and apply appropriate methods, procedures or techniques when effecting human resource management functions;
  • Demonstrate an ability to develop and communicate ideas and opinions in well-formed arguments using appropriate academic and professional discourse when engaged in human resources management contexts;
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage processes and take accountability in a variety of contexts relating to the management of human resources;
  • Demonstrate the ability to take decisions and act ethically and professionally; and
  • Contribute to improving organisational culture and climate.

Duration: 3 years

Year Semester Description
1 1 Business Management 1A
End User Computing
Business Communication
Economics 1A
2 Business Management 1B
Economics 1B
Introduction to Human Resource Management
Financial Accounting
2 1 Business Management 2A
Organisational Staffing
Training and Development
Principles of Labour Law
2 Business Management 2B
Human Resources Ethics
Human Resource Information Systems
Business Statistics
3 1 Performance Management
Employee Health and Wellness
Career Management
Group Dynamics and Leadership
2 Labour Relations
Employee Benefits and Compensation
Diversity Management
Strategic Human Resource Management

  • The minimum entry requirement is the National Senior Certificate or National Certificate Vocational with appropriate subject combinations and levels of achievement; or
  • An equivalent NQF level 4 qualification with proven proficiency in English; or
  • A Higher Certificate, an Advanced Certificate or Diploma.