From MBA to DBA: Take Your Career to The Next Level

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BDA graduate posing

You’re ready to take your career to the next level.

You know you have what it takes to become a leader in the field of business and are ready to pursue your goals.

MANCOSA offers a Doctor of Business Administration designed to help you significantly contribute to the business landscape.

But perhaps you’re not sure what to expect with a DBA. Or you don’t know if it’s the right fit for you.

This article will discuss the main differences between an MBA and a DBA. We’ll also look at the benefits of pursuing a DBA degree and whether it’s the right choice for your career.

Differences between the MBA and DBA

While both a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctor of Business Administration are business-centred, these two degrees have differences. These include their focuses, curriculums, program length, career opportunities, intensity, and admission requirements.

The focus of the programme
An MBA typically provides a broad-based education in business theory and practice, covering a wide range of subjects relating to business, including accounting, marketing, and management.

On the other hand, a DBA programme primarily focuses on an in-depth research topic (also known as a thesis topic) which contributes to the field of business. Some past topics include:

  • Global business politics
  • Importance of logistics in business: Then, now, and later
  • Competitive advantage and excellent branding
  • Corporate reputation and CSR

Programme length
An MBA is typically completed in two years, while a Dctorate of Business Administration takes about four years. However, this may differ depending on your chosen school and learning options.

MANCOSA’s DBA takes three years to complete. But you have five years to complete it if you have multiple responsibilities. Discover more about How to apply for an MBA for first-time applicants.

An MBA includes a combination of coursework, case studies, research projects, and hands-on learning, while a DBA degree is a research-focused dissertation.

Career opportunities
An MBA is viewed as a terminal degree. This means it prepares students for high-level business positions within organisations.

In contrast, a DBA is typically pursued by people who want to progress their careers in academia or make a significant contribution to the business field.

Admission requirements
To be eligible to study in an MBA program, students need a bachelor’s degree and several years of professional experience.

As for a DBA programme, individuals typically require a master’s degree in business or a related field in addition to several years of professional experience.

Benefits of a DBA: Career growth opportunities

There are multiple benefits to pursuing a Doctor’s in Business Administration. These include but aren’t limited to.

Enhanced leadership and management skills
A DBA will develop your critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. These skills make you a better leader, enabling you to step into executive roles (such as CEO or COO) of large or even multinational corporations.

Furthermore, your willingness to pursue this qualification will speak of your commitment to further education and professional development. All of which will help you be seen as the leader you were meant to be.

Higher earning potential
Many companies and institutions recognise and reward advanced skills and knowledge. Often, your salary increases as you attain senior-level positions and gain further certification and credentials.

According to Business Insider, South African CEOs are known to be some of the highest-paid in the world. Expert opportunities and contribution to the field.

Those with a doctorate, are often asked to act as keynote speakers at international conferences and functions. They’re also approached to co-author academic papers and comment on notable articles.

As a result, they get to grow their reputation and presence in the field of business so they can be seen as industry leaders. Ultimately, having a doctorate will help you stand out since few are willing to go the extra mile.

Better networking opportunities
Having a doctorate means you’ll get to meet and collaborate with people in this specialised field. This can lead to new business connections (possibly other leaders in the field) and new job opportunities — perhaps even overseas.

Is the Business Administration Doctorate right for you?

While a DBA is an excellent choice that enables you to advance your career and leadership in the field of business, it isn’t suitable for everyone. Below are the key questions you need to ask yourself to determine if a Doctorate in Business Administration is the right option for you.

  • What are your career goals? You need to consider whether the outcome of a DBA is aligned with your objectives, interests, and ambitions. Before pursuing a DBA, ensure it’ll get you to your end goals. You can even speak with your human resource manager to ensure an advanced business degree will achieve this.
  • What is your background? Since a DBA is an advanced degree, you require several years of experience in business, people management, and extensive project management.
  • What is your learning style? If you achieved all your degrees while studying full-time at university, pursuing a DBA might be a system shock. Doctorates are typically learned while working full-time. As such, you must commit to a schedule incorporating studies and work. You’ll need to dedicate several hours a week to cope with the rigorous programme.
  • Are you willing to step out of the shadows? As mentioned earlier, a DBA degree opens many doors to becoming a speaker, co-author, or collaborating with well-known industry leaders. You need to remember that being a leader means you’ll have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and let your voice be heard. This takes courage, and you’ll sometimes need to deal with opposition and people who disagree with your opinions.

Register for a Doctorate in Business with MANCOSA

Now that you understand more about the DBA, you can decide whether you want to take your career to the next level.

If you’d like to pursue your doctorate, look at MANCOSA’s Doctorate in Business Administration to see what it includes and how it’ll help you escalate your career.