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Top Tips: How to study for a Bachelor of Business Administration Honours Programme

Study an Honours in Business Administration with MANCOSA The MANCOSA Bachelor of Business Administration Honours programme is intended to provide students with strategic, higher level management skills and knowledge of management frameworks, theories and tools that are essential for managing all the key functional areas of organisations. Become an expert in your field and fast-track…


How to get a risk management qualification?

There is a growing need for risk management certification in the global job market as firms require expertise to handle risks and exposures. A certified risk professional has a competitive advantage over others because of a unique set of skills such as risk management, ethics and leadership which enables them to fit in multiple roles…


Quality Management and Emerging Trends in Digitally Enabled Learning

MANCOSA is hosting its first ever Quality Conference in September 2021. The conference will focus on Quality Management and Emerging Trends in Digitally Enabled Learning Over the past decade, digitally-enabled online education has shown significant growth. In utilising the internet for the delivery of learning, access to education has grown, facilitating the widespread availability of…


A New Chapter … The journey continues at MANCOSA

Ascending to the position of Principal at the Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) came as both a surprise and an honour, more so because I would be stepping into the shoes of the larger-than-life predecessor, the founder, late Professor Yusuf Karodia. In this time of utmost wonder and bewilderment, one has to find meaning…

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How to apply for an MBA: A complete guide for first-time applicants

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a postgraduate degree equivalent to the Master’s degree, offered to individuals seeking to learn management techniques that will give them a competitive edge in the 21st century. An MBA degree trains students and professionals from diverse backgrounds like engineering, business, politics, arts and humanities, and more, to become…


Entrepreneurship is vital for its ability to advance living standards and generate wealth for women

(By Meshel Muzuva, Economics Lecturer, and Dr Marlini Nair-Moodley, Marketing Lecturer, at MANCOSA) In most countries, entrepreneurship is seen as a panacea for all economic and social ills, to build the economy and fight the triple scourge of poverty, unemployment and inequality. In South Africa, we have marginal success with entrepreneurship amid women. Yet entrepreneurship…

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Project Management Courses Online: Study While You Work

Study a Certificate in Project Management with MANCOSA If you need flexibility in your study programme then online courses are the right option. Find out more about completing a project management course online with MANCOSA. Author: MANCOSA Academic Writing Team What are the best project management courses online in South Africa? MANCOSA offers a variety…


Join the SA Business Trend with an Entrepreneurship Course

Mancosa offers an industry acclaimed and accredited Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship that equips students with the skills, knowledge and business acumen to succeed in a challenging economic environment. Create your own job security and reap the rewards by enrolling for a world class Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship at Mancosa. Author: Calvin Paltooram MANCOSA Academic…

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What you need to know before starting a financial management degree

MANCOSA’s 25 years’ sterling experience endorses its commitment to providing accessible, credible and affordable education to every student.  “Financial Management is the application of the planning and control function of the finance function.” – Howard and Upton. Finance is the life blood line of any business. Financial Management is a way and means of managing…


In Honour of Poetry

By Michelle Naudé Poetry is the Proteus of literature. It can be read or listened to alone or with a group, in the same space and time or centuries apart. We can find it in old torn books or in the podcast category on Spotify. Poetry is a living, breathing thing that, like the shapeshifting…

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14 Reasons why entrepreneurs should take a business management course

There’s a saying. By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail. Many entrepreneurs start a business but few succeed. A person may have the zeal and passion but may also lack the skills and knowledge to run a successful venture. MANCOSA’s accredited and industry-acclaimed Business Management courses equip individuals and prospective entrepreneurs with the…

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Prepare for a School Leadership Role With a Master of Education

School leadership is a much-needed resource in the South African education system. While schools employ teachers to educate learners, efficient leadership and management of schools and related issues are highly prized skills within this specialised ecosystem. If you’re a teacher and you’re passionate about making a positive impact or becoming a change agent in this…

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