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Project Management Degree in Remote Working: Challenges & Solutions

More companies are turning to remote working solutions than ever before. Not only is remote work more convenient, but it also decreases stress and anxiety among workers. However, for remote projects to get the best results, companies require adequately trained and highly skilled project managers to lead remote teams. MANCOSA offers a Bachelor of Commerce…

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The Road Less Travelled: Rewards & Challenges of a Doctorate

Are you a business professional hungry for more knowledge and expertise? Perhaps you want to take your career to the next level or enhance your knowledge to be a well-known expert in your chosen specialisation? MANCOSA offers a Doctorate Degree Programme that specialises in Business Administration. This Doctorate in Business will equip students with in-depth…


Black Friday – Become a Pro Shopper and Make the Most of It

The eagerly anticipated annual shopping extravaganza, that marks the start of the summer season, Black Friday, is just around the corner. This incredible shopping bonanza, which extends from November 24th to November 26th, is known for its incredible deals and astonishing discounts. Eager shoppers are waiting to grab bargains on an extensive range of products,…

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Difference Between an MBA and a Master of Commerce

The business and commerce landscape is constantly changing. With high competition, employers seek workers with extensive knowledge and skills in various business functions. An MBA and a Master Degree in Commerce programmes provide excellent opportunities for students to sharpen their skills, advance their careers, and climb the ladder to senior management positions. However, how do…


The Prescription for Success: Navigating the Maze of Healthcare Management in South Africa

South Africa has witnessed tremendous growth in its healthcare sector over the past few decades. However, despite these advancements, the country still faces several challenges in delivering accessible and high-quality healthcare services to its population. Our healthcare system faces numerous challenges, ranging from an increasing burden of disease to inadequate resource allocation and management and…

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Honours Public Administration: The Evolving Role of Public Service

The role of public service has never been more critical or dynamic. As South Africa’s societies evolve, so must the individuals and organisations responsible for creating, implementing, and managing public policies. Thus, the need for highly-trained public sector administrators has increased dramatically. MANCOSA offers an Honours Public Administration degree that equips students with an advanced…

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Certificate in Financial Planning: How to Build Wealth Strategically

Financial planning isn’t merely an aspiration in today’s complex economic landscape. It requires a well-thought-out strategy, expert knowledge, and detailed planning. This is where a certified financial consultant comes in. Financial advisors help businesses and individuals build and preserve their wealth through meticulous planning. MANCOSA offers an Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning that equips students…

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Strategic Leadership: How the MBA Drives Organisational Success

Great leaders and managers have become essential in today’s competitive business environment. Great leaders can help companies provide better services, drive staff engagement, resolve conflicts, and take proactive actions. MANCOSA offers a Master’s in Business Administration that teaches employees critical leadership and management skills to drive businesses forward. Discover the importance of leadership in business…


Explore Business Growth with an Advanced Certificate in Management

Due to rapidly changing business environments, managers have become increasingly sought-after by companies in various industries. This means management skills help professionals improve their employability while also enabling them to pursue entrepreneurial journeys if they wish to do so. MANCOSA offers an Advanced Certificate in Management Studies that equips students with comprehensive theoretical and practical…

how an artificial intelligence course will shape your world

How the Right Artificial Intelligence Course Can Shape Your Future

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we do business. With AI becoming more necessary in various industries, businesses seek AI professionals to help them remain competitive, which means there are several new and emerging career opportunities in this exciting field. MANCOSA offers a range of information technology and an artificial intelligence course that equips students…

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Why Should You Consider The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Are you interested in becoming an educational manager?  Are you passionate about developing school systems and facilities to enhance the South African economy by providing quality learning environments?  MANCOSA offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Education or PGDE that teaches students the core skills and knowledge needed to manage school systems and finances effectively.  In this…

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Discover Key Principles & Best Practices: BCom Project Management

Project management is an essential component of any business. Without it, companies and teams can’t achieve business goals within specific deadlines and according to budgets.  This is why project managers are essential in all businesses — big and small.  MANCOSA offers a BCom Project Management that teaches students fundamental skills to bring projects to fruition. …