The Bachelor of Education Honours in Mathematics Education will prepare students to keep up with current trends in Mathematics education in order to enhance teaching and learning towards Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education that meet the global as well as the country’s demands for economic success. Students in this programme will develop skills in research-based postgraduate studies in Mathematics education. The programme serves to instil knowledge of theories and literature that provides a knowledge base into current issues and dilemmas of modern-day Mathematics education.

This programme is offered through distance learning with online support and is currently only offered in South Africa.



  • Apply research strategies to investigate modern-day issues in Mathematics education
  •  Analyse and apply relevant theories that synthesise contemporary issues in Mathematics Education
  •  Engage critically on Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy content in teaching and learning
  • Design and analyse assessment trends in Mathematics Education that meet the demands of the twenty-first century learner
  • Recognise and critically engage with issues affecting Mathematics Education in South Africa
  • Research and apply the current digital trends recognisable in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) to meet the technology demands of globalisation in Mathematics Education
  • Develop and write an appropriate research proposal and report that emphasise the current issues in Mathematics Education



Applicants who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Education Honours in Mathematics Education can enrol onto the Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Management, Master of Business Administration or Master of Public Administration.



On completion of the programme, graduates can aspire to be employed in Leadership and Management positions at:

  • Public and Private Schools, especially STEAM schools that advance mathematics education
  • Department of Basic and Higher Education