The Bachelor of Education Honours in Education Leadership Management (BEd Honours) is a one year programme with modules covered over two semesters. The programme aims to empower current and future leaders and management at schools to provide quality education.

The programme includes theoretical engagements in educational leadership and management to provide students with an indepth knowledge base to identify potential areas of educational research.

This programme is offered through distance learning with online support and is currently only offered in South Africa.


Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Education Honours in Education Leadership Management degree programme, students will be able to:

  • Apply graduate research methods and techniques to research issues on educational leadership and management
  • Synthesise the concepts associated with ethical behaviour and social responsibility that will engage students in a meaningful effort to affect social change and promote social justice
  • Evaluate leadership and management qualities and analyse the rule of law in educational procedures, as well as diverse roles in effective decision making in education
  • Display sound management and leadership skills in the formal workplace
  • Evaluate the process for planning for change and the various means of production in the educational sector,leading to ways to maximize efficiency and effectiveness
  • Synthesise, analyse, and apply theories and principles of education
  • Be knowledgeable of the theory, principles and practice of educational leadership and management
  • To engage critically on issues related to educational leadership and management
  • Consolidate and deepen their knowledge in educational leadership and management



Applicants who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Education Honours in Educational Leadership and Management can enrol onto the Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Management, Master of Business Administration of Master or Public Administration.

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On completion of the programme, graduates can aspire to be employed in Leadership and Management positions at:

  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Department of Basic and Higher Education.