How the Right Artificial Intelligence Course Can Shape Your Future

Discover the importance of AI and how it’s shaping the business world as MANCOSA weighs on the common misconception that artificial intelligence and machine learning is set to take people’s jobs and make careers redundant.


Artificial intelligence is changing the way we do business. With AI becoming more necessary in various industries, businesses seek AI professionals to help them remain competitive, which means there are several new and emerging career opportunities in this exciting field. MANCOSA offers a range of information technology and an artificial intelligence course that equips students with AI capabilities.

Discover the importance of AI and how it’s shaping the business world as MANCOSA weighs on the common misconception that artificial intelligence and machine learning is set to take people’s jobs and make careers redundant.

How is AI shaping the future of work?

Artificial intelligence brings with it many benefits regarding shaping the future of businesses. Here are some ways it impacts our world today and tomorrow.

  • Improved customer service and experience: AI can analyse customer data to create a wide view of each customer, including their purchase history, social media activity, and browsing behaviour. This makes it possible for companies to cater their services specifically to each customer’s needs. This increases customer satisfaction — which results in long-term loyalty.
  • Efficient allocation of resources: Many types of AI tools can outperform their human counterpart in terms of speed and accuracy. This way, people can spend more time focusing on high-impact tasks that drive revenue.
  • Data analytics and insights: AI can analyse a lot of data within a few seconds. In addition to being fast, it’s also more accurate and precise than humans — reducing the risk of human error, which could lead to severe consequences for businesses.
  • AI-powered predictive analytics: AI can anticipate consumer behaviour, market trends, and demand patterns. This helps companies make better decisions regarding the type of products or services they offer.
  • Increased automation: AI and machine learning allows businesses to automate their supply chain and general operations to work faster, get more done, and earn higher profits. Learn how digital transformation is affecting the supply chain industry.
  • Improved security: AI systems can detect problems in transactions and behaviour. This means it can pick up on discrepancies quickly and put specific measures in place to stop security breaches.
  • Healthcare advancements: AI has been used to create personalised treatment plans and has been instrumental in developing new drugs and equipment to improve healthcare efficiency and treatments.

Why AI won’t take your job

As more organisations adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning, people become more concerned about losing their jobs. However, AI isn’t here to replace humans but rather to work in conjunction with them. People are encouraged to view this new development as transformative and to adjust their current working methods to incorporate AI into their processes and operations. This way, they can remain competitive and dynamic in today’s constantly evolving working environment.

Here are some of the main reasons AI won’t take your job:

  • Dependency on human output or input: AI still relies on human information to function correctly. It can only be as effective as the “orders” a human provides. Furthermore, in many cases, AI can only do part of the job, and humans fill in the rest or complete the process.
  • Humans are unique: There are many human qualities that AI simply can’t replicate. Machines can’t take over jobs that involve high levels of emotional intelligence or human consciousness.
  • Physicality matters: Many jobs require the human body to complete tasks effectively.

However, as Business Insider puts it, “AI won’t take your job, but someone who knows how to use AI might”.

AI career opportunities

Artificial intelligence and machine learning courses open the door to many new career opportunities that didn’t exist even a few years ago. Here are some of the emerging jobs that have developed recently that a good artificial intelligence course could prepare you for:

1. Machine learning engineer
Machine learning or AI engineers specialise in creating and using AI in company projects and operations. They design and develop the algorithms AI uses to learn over time as it processes large amounts of data.

2. AI solutions architect
AI architects create and manage machine architecture using artificial intelligence foundations and give practical solutions to the people engaging with these “machines”. These professionals must have excellent empathy skills to understand customer concerns and create solutions.

3. Algorithm specialist
Algorithms specialists are professionals who perform research and design algorithms for real-world applications. They research how to create better and more focused sequences for applications.

4. AI analyst
AI analysts gather, prepare, clean, and model data using analytical methods and machine learning. They design and create data reports to help stakeholders make better company decisions informed by patterns, data, and facts.

5. AI developer
AI developers are responsible for designing and developing artificial intelligence systems. They need to stay updated with the latest developments in AI and explain these systems to stakeholders and managers.

How can I learn artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence courses are transforming businesses. You risk falling behind if you don’t implement AI in your business practices. MANCOSA offers an accredited AI course. The Postgraduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence aims to provide students with advanced abilities and knowledge of AI and machine learning, and its use in businesses. It teaches students the core areas of AI so they can design, build, and apply artificial intelligence and machine learning in various business contexts.

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