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The skillME online short learning programme platform is student-centric, simple to navigate and enables one to learn at their own pace whilst seamlessly improving their skills in a future-oriented, digital environment.

skillMe is MANCOSA’s response to address the overwhelming skills and competency demands brought about by the exigencies of the 21st century. Learning programmes of a short duration and delivered online, have become popular for many reasons. Online short learning programmes enable students to learn a new skill, at their own pace and convenience, in the comfort and security of their home. Besides being more accessible than degree programmes, online short learning programmes are also more affordable.

Together with MANCOSA’s 25 years of developing world-class human talent, the skillME platform leverages the collaborative intelligence of the Honoris United Universities network to offer students online short learning programmes aimed at improving employability by cultivating their skills and enabling them to succeed in a 21st century work environment.

The suite of online short learning programmes available on skillME is constantly growing and consists of offerings aimed at:

  • Equipping students with in-demand soft and digital skills
  • Providing high-impact, just-in-time and easily accessible and skills development opportunities
  • Exposing students to a wide range of 21st century skills, thereby preparing them to successfully navigate both corporate and entrepreneurial terrains
  • Promoting career advancement by cultivating skills that make students agile, employable and sought after in the labour market
  • Nurturing digital literacy for Africa’s current and future generations of leaders and professionals
  • Creating pathways for continuous professional development, thereby ensuring that students proactively develop their professional capabilities through certified learning

Why choose skillME?

  • Automated, convenient and accessible learning experience
  • The design of each skillME programme incorporates academic and industry knowledge, which are derived through MANCOSA’s experience in the higher education market, awareness of 21st century employer demands, and industry collaborations.
  • MANCOSA skillME programmes are designed and delivered by industry and academic experts, thereby ensuring that students are exposed to the contemporary practices
  • Each skillME online short learning programme is designed to develop specific skills which promote career success
  • The skillME online short learning programme suite offers students to opportunity to obtain multiple skills on a single, easy to navigate platform.
  • Easily share competency badges and certificates with employers and your professional network to let them know of your increasing repertoire of skills