MANCOSA launches Centre for Innovation for holistic education

MANCOSA staff and students at the launch of the Centre for Innovation (CFI) which will pursue projects that enhance value to students and help build the institution’s competitive positioning

A collage painted by MANCOSA staff

MANCOSA has launched a Centre for Innovation (CFI) through which it will pursue projects that enhance value to students and help build the institution’s competitive positioning.

The CFI is the start of building a culture of creativity and innovation within MANCOSA in order to meet the evolving needs of students and ultimately develop new and innovative education models for the benefit of the students.

The private higher education institution has identified the need for a more unified approach to the labour market and a more meaningful response to evolving student educational needs as innovation is now a requirement in order for higher education institutions to maintain their relevance and thrive in an environment of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA).

The CFI’s vision is to act as a catalyst in the transformation of MANCOSA’s education model whilst giving it a competitive edge in the provision of innovative education.

Roxanne Bosch, Director of Innovation at MANCOSA, said the Centre for Innovation is so much more than a collaborative space – it really serves as the nucleus of innovation at MANCOSA.

“This hub was designed for the purpose of reimagining and recalibrating MANCOSA’s value to stakeholders and its competitive positioning in the marketplace.

“I am incredibly excited to be leading this initiative. I believe this is the start of an evolution in the way we do education, and innovation will pave the way for MANCOSA to become a future-fit higher education provider,” she said.

The MANCOSA CFI team has commissioned specific characteristics that will include and inspire creativity in the hub:

  • Unconventional design and configurations
  • Google-style working environment
  • Collapsible working spaces
  • Design and décor that stimulates creative thinking
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • The CFI will use available resources (human, physical and IT) across business units to organically harvest and leverage the institution’s existing value.

This will be merged with opportunities, partnerships, technology, sound research and other resources to reshape and rethink the institution’s current value proposition.

“The MANCOSA CFI, supported by the right people and the right resources, stands to position MANCOSA at the cutting-edge of higher education provision in the 21st century.

“MANCOSA believes the CFI will enhance the delivery of teaching and learning and increase student satisfaction and ultimately improve student employability status in the global labour market,” said Bosch.