His Royal majesty King Taka IV celebrates graduating with an MBA

Being born into royalty does not mean you don’t have to acquire a sound education.

Being born into royalty does not mean you don’t have to acquire a sound education.

Muluh Taka Winston, affectionately known to his subjects as His Royal Majesty King Taka IV, has demonstrated the value of education by adding an MBA from MANCOSA to his list of qualifications.

Born in the Royal family of Muwah Village in Pinyin, a clan of five villages in Santa Sub-Division, North West Region of Cameroon, King Taka grew up with a high interest in Information Technology.

Despite juggling many responsibilities, including taking care of his Pinyin village with more than 40 siblings, he holds a full-time job as a Lead Solution and Infrastructure Architect at South African-based financial services group, Absa.

King Taka studied IT courses in South Africa and worked as a Systems Engineer at Gijima AST Group before joining Absa.

He said he decided to study for the MBA degree to improve his quality of life and achieve a strategic level of thinking.

“MANCOSA was the most favourable higher education institution as I had the opportunity to study while working and taking care of family responsibilities.
“I have also created a Whatsapp group to help students who do not understand certain concepts of Information Technology.
“The most rewarding part of my work is providing architectural solutions that exceed clients’ expectations and enabling communities with networks that shape and motivate underprivileged members.
“My recipe for success in life is to have a vision, a plan and a strategy in place and to execute it with courage and determination,” he said.

His greatest strength is bringing people together by empowering them to focus on their goals and working hard to achieve them.

“My advice to aspiring youth wanting to make a success of their lives is to research and accumulate quality information and to believe in their dreams. Knowledge and skills will allow you to progress through life,” he said.

His Royal Majesty King Taka IV looks forward to pursuing his PhD in Leadership and Innovation and building innovation hubs and incubator centres in disadvantaged communities in Africa to empower the youth with entrepreneurial and business skills in the future.