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At MANCOSA, we believe in future-oriented learning to prepare you to harness technology and innovation to thrive and compete in automated, data and AI-driven realities. We believe in empowering you with an academic and skills experience that leads to cognitive agility and a mobile mindset – attitudes and behaviours of success.

As a member of Honoris United Universities, the first private Pan-African higher education network, MANCOSA introduces the Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate, which will equip graduates with the most in-demand soft and digital skills.

The Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate is a unique programme that blends the skills that matter for the new world of work. This programme empowers you to be distinctive and in high demand, and is delivered through a best-in-class online experience to learn wherever you are, whenever you want, on the device you choose.

The Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate is sponsored by the Honoris Online Academy, a platform to transform the next generations of World-Class African Human Talent, able to impact the continent for a brighter future.

133 M

New jobs created thanks to AI*

* World Economic Forum Report – 2020

Top 3

Skills in 2020 are Problem-solving, Critical thinking and Creativity**

** World Economic Forum Report – 2016

# 2

Coding is the 2nd most popular language people want to learn after English***

*** Pearson Global Learner Survey September 2019


The Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate is a fully online programme that trains you in the eight skills most in demand by employers and for the future of work: behavioural intelligence, critical thinking, creativity and design thinking, communication, collaboration, coding, data analytics, and entrepreneurship.


This programme will empower you to take a reasoned approach to designing creative ideas, teach you how to communicate these ideas, and guide you on how to efficiently lead a team. It will boost your digital and data literacies through coding and data analysis. And finally, you will learn how to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and the necessary marketing and financial skill set to create and run your own business.


    • Programme length: 100 hours of taught materials

Mode of delivery:

  • 100% online through a mobile responsive platform that is also accessible through a mobile app, making the learning experience availabonline and in offline mode

Assessment and certification:

  • Online formative assessments online through quizzes
  • Badging for each module and a certificate for overall completion of the programme provided through the blockchain


Adopting the latest cognitive research to maximise skills acquisition, the learning experience of the 21st Century Skills Certificate offers guided path journeys with multi-activities and in a varied format designed by international experts from some of the world’s leading universities to ensure engagement during the online learning journey.

The programme is run in partnership with CrossKnowledge, one of the world’s leading e-learning platform*, and with Le Wagon, the #1 ranked coding bootcamp worldwide**.

* CrossKnowledge was ranked #1 in the Craig Weiss annual Top 50 Learning System
** Ranked as world’s #1 coding bootcamp, according to students on Switchup for the 3 last years.

Are you ready to skill up for the future of work!