Enriching the Lives of Learners - MANCOSA


Enriching the Lives of Learners

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MANCOSA made a positive difference to the lives of 115 grade 12 learners after providing free tuition during the June/ July vacation.

The winter school is MANCOSA’s way of reaching out to the community by targeting the youth. Learners who were beneficiaries of the initiative come from underprivileged backgrounds and were unable to pay for extra tuition.

Tuition was provided in mathematics and accounting leaving learners better prepared for their final examinations. Learners are provided with stationery and refreshment for the duration of the lessons.

According to Marketing Manager, Mr Randheer Balbadan the winter school initiative addresses the limited skills that exist among learners in mathematics and accounting. “This project addresses the lack of mathematics and accounting at school level. MANCOSA in collaboration with the respective schools provide underprivileged learners with tutorials in mathematics and accounting.

“The aim of the project is to prepare learners for the practical and theoretical application to management studies. The schools are identified and selected based on the historical disadvantaged and neediness status of the schools.”

Mr Balbadan said the objective of the initiative was to prepare learners for the forthcoming matric (National Senior Certificate) examination in subject areas they face difficulty with. “MANCOSA is a management institution and therefore embarks on community engagement initiatives that are in line with its industry,” he said.

Upon receiving the tuition they were satisfied to receive clarity in problem areas. Learners felt motivated to perform at their best in the final examinations. Both learners and teachers were thankful to MANCOSA for offering the winter school lessons.