Clever Touch training, 12th March 2022 - MANCOSA


Clever Touch training, 12th March 2022

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The MANCOSA School of Education’s iTEACHlab hosted a CleverTouch training on 12th March 2022.

This training is part of a series of trainings that aim to equip MANCOSA School of Education students with skills in applying different technologies to deliver engaging lessons in the classroom. The training challenged students to collaborate in teams, think critically and share ideas. Students were taken through a presentation on the advantages of using the clever touch technologies in class.

This was followed by a comparison of the clever touch smart screen to smart phones. The aim of this comparison was to ensure that students learn that the same concepts they did in the training can be applied using technologies readily available to them. Thus, increasing their potential to be resourceful teachers when it comes to future lessons. Among these concepts were, using the internet to search for past papers for their learners and using YouTube videos to supplement course materials. Students were exposed to other different CleverTouch applications and how they can be integrated in lesson. This included how they can apply the idea of gamification in their classes to boost engagement in their lessons. Furthermore, students were divided into four groups where they teamed up to demonstrate what they learnt in a form of a lesson to the class. The training allowed students to develop key 21st Century skills that are vital not only for their career development as teachers but also for their personal growt.