Undergraduate Programmes

Provides students with a broad and well-rounded education that equips them with theoretical and practical knowledge.

Key features

  • Helps you get industry ready
  • Modern curriculum develops both practical & theoretical understanding
  • Study while you work
  • Flexible examination structure
  • Accredited and informed by international standards
  • Relevant support that helps you succeed


The purpose of both the general and the professional Bachelor’s Degree is to provide a well-rounded, broad education that equips graduates with the knowledge base, theory and methodology of disciplines and fields of study, and to enable them to demonstrate initiative and responsibility in an academic or professional context.

Advanced Certificates

These qualifications have a strong vocational professional or career focus and students and holders of this qualification are normally prepared to enter a specific niche in the labour market.

Online Higher Certificates

These fully online qualifications serve to provide students with the basic introductory knowledge, cognitive and conceptual tools and practical techniques for higher education studies in their chosen field of study.

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