The economic and social progress of society is largely dependent on the effectiveness of its public administration. Globally, the domain of public administration has witnessed a heightened focus on service delivery, governance, accountability, transparency and reporting. In order to meet these challenges, governments have widened their search for ethical and effective public administrators.

These individuals are expected to handle matters arising from a diverse society, excel at community service goals, promote constructive civic and social engagement and most importantly, provide leadership, service and lifelong learning to the larger community.

The Bachelor of Public Administration Honours is a one-year postgraduate programme aimed at students who have completed the relevant first degree and who intend to consolidate and strengthen their expertise in the field of Public Administration.

This programme is pivotal to the development of research capacity in the methodology and techniques of Public Administration. The programme also focuses on equipping students with a sound understanding of organisational strategy, structure, systems and organisational culture.



  • Demonstrate the ability to identify, analyse and solve public sector problems in a systematic and creative way
  • Acquire an understanding of how to manage resources and processes in a public context
  • Communicate effectively, in oral and written modes, and to articulate and promote their own ideas and interests
  • Understand and contribute to the socio-economic challenges of developing South Africa in an ethical and responsible manner
  • Appreciate that policy-making contributes to the development of government at the local, regional and national levels



Completion of a Honours Degree meets the minimum entry requirement for admission to a cognate Master’s Degree.



  • Public Officials
  • City Managers
  • Municipal Managers
  • Managers in Quasi-autonomous institution