Supply chain management is a fast-growing and widely impactful discipline that has consistently been identified as a critical skill, both locally and within a global context.

The Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Supply Chain Management is a one-year postgraduate programme that provides students with an in-depth understanding of the core functions within supply chain management.

This programme provides advanced level knowledge and skills to prepare students to function and manage within complex supply chain environments.

The analysis and critical application of advanced theories and concepts within supply chain management form the basis of this programme.

The programme also provides a firm grounding for students to pursue further postgraduate research.



  • Develop a critical understanding of the supply chain function
  • Demonstrate an understanding of complex strategies and their application in supply chain management
  •  Collect, synthesise, and present information in an appropriate format for decision making
  • Develop a critical awareness of the interactions which take place in a supply chain
  • Assess problems and formulate appropriate response strategies
  • Demonstrate awareness of triple bottom line issues in supply chain management
  • Critically evaluate supply chain theories, strategies, and plans
  •  Demonstrate use of a wide range of specialised skills to solve complex supply chain problems
  • Engage in self-directed learning
  •  Demonstrate the effective use of technology
  • Conduct research to solve supply chain problems



Completion of a Honours Degree meets the minimum entry requirement for admission to a cognate Master’s Degree.

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Embark on a professional path leading to roles such as:

  • Supply Chain Manager/ Supply Chain Analyst
  • Logistics Manager/ Warehouse Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Commodity Analyst