How is the MANCOSA MBA different?

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Student in an MBA group assignment

Why should you choose an MBA?

Our 7000 Master of Business Administration graduates who studied with us have taken on leadership roles across a range of industries. We prepare working professionals for climbing the corporate ladder and long-term career planning. Flexible time schedules, the latest online technology and a mobile-first learning design make an MBA degree more accessible to South Africans and those in African countries.

What is MANCOSA all about?

MANCOSA is a proud member of Honoris United Universities (HUU). HUU is a Pan-African independent, higher education network committed to preparing and educating the next generation of African leaders and professionals able to impact regionally in a globalised world. It is a network of 10 institutions in 9 countries across 30 cities. It boasts a population of over 32000 active students, 65000 alumni and it offers over 150-degree courses offered in Health Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Business, Law, Architecture, Arts and Design, Media, Education and Political Science. It combines cutting edge learning technologies to deliver high-quality, internationally recognised qualifications.

MANCOSA is a private, higher education institution started primarily for people previously denied access to postgraduate education.

Our experience gained from working with a wide range of students has shown that it’s time to give students from other African countries the opportunity to enrol for our MBA programme.

Is the MANCOSA MBA recognised?

Yes, the MANCOSA MBA is recognised. MANCOSA has provided management programs in association with the Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College (BCUC). This is a college of the University of Brunel in the United Kingdom. In 2000, MANCOSA started its own qualifications which are registered and accredited in South Africa.

Why choose a MANCOSA MBA?

We have access to a large group of quality academics, supervisors and mentors in management and leadership.

The MANCOSA Graduate School of Business [GSB] opened in October 2014 in Durban. It created an exclusive campus focused mainly on postgraduate education in business management.

The emphasis has been on:

  • The promotion of joint higher education around the world
  • Study tours around the world
  • Research
  • Executive education

MANCOSA had over 10 000 students from ten SADC countries in 2004, including students from other countries across the world. MANCOSA has full and part-time lecturers, supervisors and resource staff who provide educational and academic support.

Our modern infrastructure and training facilities go together with our quality business education programmes. MANCOSA is a leading provider of business management programmes through supported distance education. We have extensive expertise in the design and development of relevant study materials.

What does MANCOSA provide?

Professionals wanting to succeed in today’s competitive markets need a unique set of skills. MANCOSA enables them to improve their knowledge and practice their profession at an expert level.

We consult with local and regional organisations to meet their training requirements via learning partnerships. Our programs are structured to be flexible and are designed according to individual needs.

Study a Masters of Business Administration with MANCOSA

MANCOSA offers a top-quality MBA programme for ambitious working professionals who are looking for career advancement. Consider MANCOSA if you’re looking to get ahead of the pack and join the ranks of our MBA success stories. Find out how much the MANCOSA MBA costs or register your interest by visiting our MBA information page.