Me.We.Us eBook

A practical guide to unlocking your team’s remote working potential.

The future of work may have arrived quicker than you had planned. Even though some businesses have remote working policies, leading an entirely remote team introduces new challenges. That is why we have introduced a remote working eBook, compiled by digital agency – DYDX, to help make remote working, work for you and your team.

This book is structured around a model of Me, We, and Us:

  1. ME. Mastering Self: organising your workspace and headspace for optimum remote performance.
  2. WE. Mastering Remote Social Interaction: learning to communicate effectively within a remote team.
  3. US. Mastering Teamwork & Managing Distributed Teams: using the “Remote Team Agreement” and “Meeting Formulas” to unlock your team’s remote working potential.
  4. We provide you with a toolkit of practical templates that you can use to improve your team’s remote working capabilities.

Let’s make the future of work better and more exciting than the past.

Click here to download the ebook.