Huge response from educators for free training in teaching remotely

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There has been great response to the first phase of free training being offered to educators to upskill them in teaching remotely with confidence during the lockdown. Many educators are challenged by a new reality of remote learning induced by the coronavirus lockdown. The dramatic shift from classroom to online learning since the closure of schools has seen many pupils being disadvantaged considerably, not only because they do not have access to computers, but also because their teachers are ill-equipped for remote teaching. Private higher education institution MANCOSA’s School of Education is now offering the second phase of a Remote Teaching Masterclass webinar series, an immersive online experience which will give educators the opportunity to learn from experts in their subjects. (see MANCOSA’s website for the first two phases). MANCOSA has joined hands with leading online teaching experts to ensure that pupils are not left behind during this unprecedented lockdown. Professor Zaheer Hamid, Academic Director at MANCOSA, said there had been overwhelming response to the first phase of the Remote Teaching Masterclass webinar series.
“This is a time for collective action and solidarity to ensure continuation of education for schoolkids. Partnering with existing initiatives will ensure that our efforts achieve maximum reach and impact. “We have to think creatively about how to minimise the loss of education time for the poorest of pupils. We also need to face the reality that some schools may remain closed for a longer period than envisaged.
“As a leading provider of management programmes, MANCOSA has considerable expertise in the design and development of high quality and relevant study materials and teaching instruction for students who study remotely. “The School of Education was established in 2017 to extend its impact to train and inspire the nation’s next educators. Therefore, MANCOSA’s School of Education can provide most benefit to the education sector during this time of need, by training teachers to provide them with the skills and confidence to teach remotely,” said Hamid. Shamon Lortan, the Work Integrated Learning Manager at MANCOSA’s School of Education, who co-ordinated the remote teaching masterclass, has over 15 years of teaching experience in multiple curriculums across the world and has a desire to consistently improve, challenge and advance teaching and learning for the next generation.
She said: “This current global crisis forces us to change teaching and learning interactions as the world switches to remote online teaching and learning. “It is with this in mind that professionals from a variety of backgrounds, institutions and countries were brought together to equip and train our educators to serve our South African communities meaningfully during this time.
“The webinar series will sequentially lay out several e-platforms and e-skills to empower educators from those with none or limited tech-skills to those looking to refine their ability to teach remotely.” The MANCOSA School of Education Remote Teaching MasterClass Series has three phases, with each phase consisting of three to four webinars. There will be instruction on sourcing a variety of online resources to engage learners; looking at platforms to engage parents and students to deliver curriculum content; and also providing feedback or assessment. International and local best practice on online teaching and learning will be related by specialists from South Africa and abroad. The following experts will provide instruction during the second phase: “Using See-saw application as an online classroom” – Cally Rees has worked with a variety of curriculums including South African, British, Swiss and American. She has developed expertise in numerous e-platforms to enrich teaching and learning remotely.  “Using Zoom as an online classroom” – Nicole Hinds is currently working in Dubai at New Generation School as a senior teacher. She has developed proficiency in many tech-skills to enhance teaching and learning both in the classroom and remotely. “Using Microsoft Teams as an online classroom” – Mathew Summers works as a HR Manager at a leading South African company. His passion for IT and expertise in Digital Literacy has put him on a steady footing especially during this time of remote working. Hamid said the training in remote teaching will enable educators to better navigate their way through multiple challenging environments, and to better cope with stress and uncertainty during the current pandemic. The School of Education was launched with the objective of revolutionising traditional classroom teaching in a complex school education landscape through bespoke teacher training programmes. “The MANCOSA School of Education is a game-changing teacher training institution which will produce educators who are agile and responsive to providing a compelling learning experience in any environment. “The confluence of new technologies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution encourages institutions of higher learning to upskill, invigorate and enhance teacher education to be more relevant in the 21st century. “Mindful of the inherent challenges of funding, resources; professional development structures; and lack of technology in education and training, the School of Education is geared to enable quality teaching and learning through a suite of programmes to create demand for sought-after skills in a highly competitive job market,” Hamid said. *** In an effort to keep children educationally entertained for 10 days during the COVID-19 lockdown, MANCOSA’s School of Education partnered with the Gcinamasiko Arts and Heritage Trust to get Gcina Mhlope, the world-renowned actress, playwright, storyteller and author, to keep children captivated with her iconic voice and knack of storytelling. Audio recordings of the storytelling series are available free of charge on MANCOSA’s website ( The stories are also be available on MANCOSA’S social media pages – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.   ABOUT MANCOSA MANCOSA, a leading provider of management programmes through supported distance learning in Southern Africa, is ranked among the 10 of the best MBAs in Africa. A member of Honoris United Universities – the first pan-African private higher education network focused on nurturing the next generation of African leaders and professionals – Durban-based MANCOSA which has 12 learning centres offering 46 programmes serves as an innovation hub for executive education and postgraduate management programmes. A selection of Executive Education Short Learning Programmes is also offered to meet the requirements of professionals in both the private and public sectors. See: For queries or additional information call 031 300 7200, email [email protected] or visit About Honoris United Universities  Honoris United Universities is the first and largest pan-African private higher education network committed to educating the next generation of African leaders and professionals able to impact regionally in a globalized world. Collaborative intelligence, cultural agility and mobile mind-sets and skills are at the heart of Honoris’ vision of higher education. Honoris United Universities joins the expertise of its member institutions to develop world-class African Human capital that is competitive in today’s fast-paced, demanding and increasingly digitized labor and start-up markets. Honoris United Universities gathers a community of 45,000 students on 60 campuses, learning centres and via on-line, in 10 countries and 32 cities. 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