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MANCOSA’s Career Centre has strategically created opportunities for both the unemployed and employed student/ alumni that allows these students and alumni to either become employable or advance their career paths.

The Career Centre supports students and graduates to develop their skills most demanded by the job market, whilst helping them identify opportunities in sectors that have the greatest growth potential.

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MANCOSA is dedicated to further boosting the lifelong journey for our alumni through our unique career services and opportunities that will assist in career growth and development.

Alumni will not only have access to the various opportunities that our Career Centre offers, but also be part of an elite alumni association.

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Siphuxolo Khuselwa Mazwi
Siphuxolo Khuselwa Mazwi
BCOM Honours in Marketing & MBA Alumni - Marketing and Tourism Industry - Graduated 2020
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Studying at MANCOSA is very convenient especially for working professionals and the education material is accessible wherever you are in the world because it is readily available online, it just needs your commitment and dedication to your studies. The coursework requires you to think creatively and give practical solutions and examples when doing your assessments. The benefits I received from studying with MANCOSA is to be able to work strategically, the education system at MANCOSA requires you to think outside the box and the MBA programme provided me with enhanced leadership skills and it had kept me current with the trends in world not just in South Africa only. Studying at MANCOSA has been an eye opener for me and assisted me to progress in my career.

The whole journey was independent and inspirational now that I look at it as an alumnus. I believe that my qualifications with MANCOSA have accelerated my career growth in ways that I cannot even contain. I have contributed to the industry that I am working for using the results and recommendations that I wrote while obtaining my honors and MBA with MANCOSA. As I am in the Marketing space within the Tourism Industry, I would like to continue to make positive contribution towards branding South Africa and Africa to the rest of the world as a dynamic continent that is open for growth and investment from the other countries for economic growth and improvement of the livelihoods for those who live in it. I would also like to see every person from previously disadvantaged background taking up space in communities and fulfilling their purpose and through my life/goal setting coaching, I would like to instil confidence in people to make change in all the corners that they are in the world and ultimately, we will all be living in better changed world. Always be an opportunist, set goals, read and always be curious about what happens around the world.

Always improve yourself with taking short courses, listen to developmental YouTube videos and most importantly read! Establish a good network of friends that will force you to always level up in life. Know who you are and what you want and always do the right thing because when you do what is right the right things come to you. Always autograph your work with excellence because excellence in unforgettable. RELAX! Do not succumb to societal pressures, stay in your lane. FOCUS!!

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