What is Public Management? Why should you study it?

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What is public management?

Do you consider yourself leadership material? Someone who can create plans and solve problems, while meeting the emotional and motivational needs of a team? Then you may be the perfect candidate for a highly-successful career in Public Management. This is particularly true if you can see yourself really making a difference to public spaces and society. After all, for professionals in a public service field – whether through a governmental, voluntary or private sector organisation – the relationship between policy-making and management is a crucial one. But what exactly is Public Management?

Public Management 101

Today, both non-profit organisations and public entities require the assistance and skillsets of managers to direct operations and integrate teams. Graduates who become Public Managers will be expected to maximise resources and ensure that initiatives under their guidance are successful. This is because the role goes beyond the daily operations, it is also about future prospects and programs to ensure sustainability in the long-term. It is important to note that there is a difference between Public Management and Public Administration.

Studying Public Management

You may be wondering what the typical topics will be for this kind of study stream. These could include marketing management, negotiation strategies, planning, economics and public policy. Tackle subjects like addressing the challenges of digital technology for re-shaping relationships between government and the public. Also, be exposed to a fair degree of philanthropical principles and become prepared to eventually assume leadership positions in the field.

You will also be able to apply a unique blend of academic knowledge, practical skills and a wider understanding of the challenges of the current public service context. Having completed a respected programme may also lead to far greater career opportunities in public service and beyond for graduates.

Jobs for Public Management graduates

One of the wonderful things about studying Public Management is that this is a broad field that can truly encompass a wide range of positions and skill sets. There are many entities and governmental departments that require Public Management graduates. These include churches, hospitals, educational institutions and even environmental protection organisations. Graduates may eventually also find themselves gravitating towards supervisory positions in businesses, non-profits or government entities. These could include high-level positions such as Public Policy Analysts, Non-Profit Managers or even Directors of Development.

If you would like to know more about studying Public Management, speak to one of our student advisors today!

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