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What are the digital marketing jobs of the future?

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The rise of Digital Marketing certainly did give birth to a brand-new era in career prospects for graduates from many fields. From paid media to UX design and the rise of social media influencers, a whole new world of opportunity was unlocked. However, the pace at which this landscape changes and evolves is also blinding. This is why it is important to be aware of new trends in marketing. Not just for agencies and specialists, but as future graduates who could take on some of the most exciting future jobs. Here are a handful of future digital marketing jobs that will undoubtedly become incredibly prolific:

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

    A digital marketing manager is involved with the company’s overall digital marketing strategy. They deal with the planning, organising and implementation of digital campaigns or ongoing digital marketing strategies across multiple channels and consumer touch points. To this end, they are responsible for meeting key performance areas in the digital space. They need to be innovative and have strong analytical abilities.

  2. Email marketing specialist

    This is a specialised area of digital marketing where the practitioner uses direct marketing tactics to engage with customers. This can include building email lists and creating content to target their audience, like newsletters. This nurtures a relationship with the audience, drives website traffic and helps secure conversions.

  3. Virtual reality and AI developers

    This is one of the most advanced high-tech digital marketing jobs as it combines both technology and creativity. People who work in this field are usually involved with design, gaming or programming. Augmented reality is certainly poised to become a multi-billion-dollar marketing industry. In retail alone, the market is already over-saturated and traditional marketing methods are just drowned out. This dynamic alternate approach to catching consumers’ attention leaves a lot of scope for experienced producers. This technology can be used across the board, from virtually trying on lipsticks to showcasing home renovations.

  4. Search engine optimisation specialist

    This area of digital marketing deals with using digital tactics to improve a site’s organic online performance, driving increased traffic to the website and assisting with conversions. Many businesses want to rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPs), but to do so, they need to follow best practices, which an SEO specialist can undertake.

  5. Social media specialist

    This type of digital marketing deals with managing a brand’s content on social media platforms and channels, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok. Social media experts are responsible for ideating, creating and publishing the content across these shared channels. They are also involved in community management, whereby they engage directly with the end-user.

  6. UX Designer

    Online user experience has become an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy. User experience is the process of creating a better user experience on one’s online or digital platforms, like an eCommerce website. People who work in the UX field of digital marketing need a technical background and experience in design. UX design involves understanding the website from a holistic marketing experience and the audience who will interface with the site.

Digital marketing course with MANCOSA

The marketing space, which is an ever-shifting field, can be incredibly exciting and fulfilling. Similarly, as marketing tools and strategies evolve, so must the roles and responsibilities of marketers. Regardless of the future roles unlocked by new consumer behaviours and technological advancements, constantly evaluating opportunities within your skillsets can get you ahead. If you want to further your proficiencies in this new and exciting field, consider a digital marketing course with MANCOSA. speak to one of our friendly student advisors for more information.