Top Tips: How to study for a Bachelor of Business Administration Honours Programme

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bachelor of business administration honours graduate having a laugh

Businesses around the world face the challenge of emerging environmental changes. Only the knowledgeable and skilled will make a positive contribution to commerce and industry. MANCOSA’s industry acclaimed Bachelor of Business Administration Honours programme empowers students with key transferable skills to utilise in the business world.

This article will give the reader insight into how the Bachelor of Business Administration Honours programme enables the student to develop and implement critical management skills in business.

What is an honours degree?

A student normally embarks on an honours programme after completing a bachelor’s degree or advanced diploma in a particular specialisation (NQF level 7). For example, if you have completed a Bachelor of Business Administration degree you can enroll for a Bachelor of Business Administration Honours programme. The difference between undergraduate and postgraduate studies needs to be understood. The main difference is in the increased level of specialisation in the modules. An undergraduate programme covers a broad range of concepts and functions while at postgraduate level a deeper analysis and examination of the module is required. It is expected that students embarking on postgraduate studies will already have advanced comprehension and writing skills as postgraduate studies require a more intensive level of study.

Is Honors in Business Administration a higher/advanced degree?

Yes. This programme is an advanced degree with the purpose of creating competent managers, MANCOSA has designed the Bachelor of Business Administration Honours programme to provide businesses and corporations with skilled leaders for the future. The business administration honours programme is of the first-choice of many aspiring managers.

Is it worth doing an Honours Degree: what are the benefits?

In a challenging world of immense competition for employment and scarce resources it is advisable to study as much as possible by not only doing an honours qualification but to even pursue Masters and PhD studies after completing the honours programme. An honours degree not only empowers an individual with immense knowledge and skills but it opens up doorways to career opportunities that you never had before. It demonstrates your independent learning and research capabilities.
Benefits of an honours degree include:

  • It empowers you to think critically and innovatively
  • You become a specialist in a particular field
  • It is an effective networking tool
  • Helps you to progress in your current role or pursue better opportunities
  • You become accessible to the international employment market
  • Personal development
  • Pursue your passion
  • You become respected by your work colleagues and superiors
  • It enhances your independent thinking and problem solving skills
  • It adds a practical perspective to learning
  • The extra year from undergraduate to postgraduate is a game changer

The best way to study for Honours in Business Administration

Congratulations on choosing to study your postgraduate Bachelor of Business Administration Honours degree at MANCOSA. To attain success be prepared to put in maximum effort and consistently try your hardest throughout the year. Plan ahead and be organised. Below are some top honours degree study tips from the experts:

  • Find a study buddy – Befriend an equally ambitious student, as you can motivate each other to go to the library and study and attend classes.
  • Go to all your lectures – Lectures offer you a sound basis for understanding the course material. This means that when you go to study you can revise efficiently rather than trying to learn it all from scratch.
  • Talk to your lecturers/tutors – Stop by their office, drop them an email or talk to them after class and ask for help or clarification if you’re having difficulty in understanding some aspect of their course material. Remember, successful students ask for help and this is not a sign of weakness.
  • Do the required reading – To consistently achieve good grades in your tests, assignments and exams, doing the required reading is essential.
  • Be organised – Understand the assessment structure for each of your modules, whether they contain exams, coursework or group work, knowing when all these are due. This will ensure that you do not miss a deadline and plan your study time.
  • Go through feedback – Feedback from assessments helps students improve their understanding of subject material and builds upon their learning. The feedback should be motivating, actionable and give specific guidance on what steps students must take to improve.
  • Study and work hard throughout the year – Make sure you understand the course material throughout the year, this will make revising and studying for exams a lot quicker and more straightforward. Those students who do well at university do so on the basis of personal effort.

Study an Honours in Business Administration with MANCOSA

The MANCOSA Bachelor of Business Administration Honours programme is intended to provide students with strategic, higher level management skills and knowledge of management frameworks, theories and tools that are essential for managing all the key functional areas of organisations. Become an expert in your field and fast-track your career with an advanced degree. Visit our information hub about the honours programme and register your interest.