Top Postgraduate Diplomas in South Africa

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With much investment and commitment happening in the South African educational system, it’s really no wonder that there are a lot of incredible postgraduate programmes being developed here. But what is a post-graduate diploma, is it equal to a degree, and which are the most in-demand types in South Africa?

It’s simple, a postgrad diploma can serve to strengthen and deepen the student’s knowledge in a particular discipline or profession. It’s a shorter qualification than a Master’s degree, although usually at the same academic level. South African universities and institutions have a number of postgraduate diplomas on offer all around the country and here are some of the best:

1. Family Business Management (MANCOSA)

Allowing graduates to further develop their functional and strategic competencies in the field of family business management, this diploma also provides a foundation for further postgraduate study in management.

2. Enterprise Management (Rhodes Business School)

Full time or part time students are expected to learn by doing and developing conceptual understanding and practical skills in this programme. This diploma is particularly tailored for those who haven’t majored in Management, Business Administration or the equivalent.

3. Project Management (MANCOSA)

The value of this postgraduate diploma is that it ensures students are guided in developing an advanced understanding of concepts, approaches and tools that are relevant to the field of project management. This boosts their capacity to manage and improve outputs.

4. Tax Strategy and Management (UFS School of Business)

South African tax legislation has undergone fundamental changes over the past few decades. This is why the primary objective of this programme is to bring all parties involved in the field of taxation up to date with the absolute latest developments and changes.

5. Educational Management (MANCOSA)

Effective leaders and teachers must find new ways to address regulatory, leadership and management challenges in SA’s educational environment. This diploma is designed to meet the needs of these kinds of educational managers in this climate of change.

6. Estate Planning (University of Johannesburg)

This qualification demands a high level of theoretical engagement and intellectual independence, as well as the ability to relate knowledge to a wide range of contexts in estate planning, trusts, taxation of trusts and administration of estates.

7. Business Management (MANCOSA)

This programme will ensure that students are able to apply management competencies to the complex and changing business environments in today’s workplace. Particularly in order to drive organisational growth. These skills make for successful managers and leaders.

8. Immersive Technologies & e-Skills (UWC)

This accredited diploma in e-Skills with immersive technologies incorporates Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The one-year programme also runs in partnership with a leading immersive technology company, EON Reality.

If you’re looking for the right postgraduate diploma for your goals, then speak to one of our student advisors today!

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