7 High Paying Finance Careers: Study Accounting Courses Online

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Accounting student looking at analytics data

The reasons for studying accounting may differ, it can be better pay for some, whilst enhancing skills and competencies through knowledge acquisition for others. One of the quickest ways to rise up the corporate ladder is through advancing your accounting and financial knowledge. You are required to know the simple steps that will equip you to reach the pinnacle of success in finance.

The first step is exploring the opportunities provided by the accounting and finance faculty, which will propel you forward in unlocking the potential possibilities available to enrich your success. MANCOSA offers you the incredible opportunity to study various accounting courses online in the comfort of your own home or office, wherever and whenever you wish to access your comprehensive online study information.

Why study accounting?

Accounting is one of the most powerful and empowering mechanisms, which is critical to a business’s success and teaches you effective decision-making skills. The South African Institute of Professional Accountants confirms that qualified accountants will always be in demand. This is because accountants can guide a business financially by monitoring and controlling its operational processes and financial transactions. Accounting underpins the business operations of an enterprise through skilful reporting and by finding innovative solutions to gain more industry market share. It is a vocation and skillset that provides one with critical thinking and solution-driven priorities that make for an outstanding leader or manager in the workforce.

Make your mark on the universe, it’s your time to shine!

What can you do with accounting?  7  Best finance jobs revealed

If you have a compelling passion for managing money, budgeting, financial planning, auditing, and taxation; then pursuing a career in accounting would be a great career path.  An accounting qualification will provide you with the necessary skills to begin a rewarding financial career. Certified accountants and analysts are some of the more common job functions that come with this sort of education. 

However, the analytical and critical thinking skills that can be achieved from completing a qualification in accounting; provides you with the opportunity to explore even more innovative careers. With an accounting degree, you will learn how to analyse and apply financial rules and regulations, generate financial reports and communicate these reports with all stakeholders effectively. 

You will also gain valuable experience in business strategy, risk management, information systems, quantitative analysis, and business ethics. This lucrative career path provides you with a license to explore the current business landscape and develop discerning analytical, critical thinking and strong communication skills. It will prepare you for a variety of jobs for accounting majors, from financial planning and consulting to budget management and data analysis.

The following sought-after finance jobs, in addition to being an accountant, can be pursued by someone with a qualification in accounting:

  1. Accounting manager – In a major corporation, financial institution, or government agency that requires a whole accounting department, someone has to lead! That’s the Accounting Manager! Most often, the manager of an accounting department has been an accountant themselves, so an effective manager will imbue the competencies and capabilities required to ascertain and understand everything the accountants are actioning, from bookkeeping to audits to quarterly and annual reports. Ideally, the manager will also have a knack for leadership and teamwork, because accounting promotes team collaboration.
  2. Auditing clerk – In smaller companies, the Auditor may perform the art of analysing documents and checking financial records, which must be transparent and accurate. Although in large organizations, there may be an entire department dedicated to internal auditing. The observant Auditing Clerk does the nitty-gritty office work of auditing. They are the ones perusing the respective documents, updating accounting records, verifying records posted by their colleagues, and checking figures and documents to ensure that they are accurate and properly coded. An Auditing Clerk reports to the Auditor, who subsequently reports to senior management.
  3. Financial examiner – A career as a financial examiner will enable you to ensure compliance with laws governing financial institutions and lending practices, evaluating the health of financial institutions, and protecting consumers from risky loans.
  4. Financial analyst – As a financial analyst, you will be able to assess the performance of stocks, bonds and other investments, whilst working together with organizations and individuals to make effective financial decisions.
  5. Management consultant – As a management consultant, you will be required to combine your accounting skills and financial sector knowledge to gain a sound understanding of the business strategy and the organisational structure of an enterprise. Statistical analysis provides you with the tools to advise and make recommendations to organisations for their competitive advantage. These recommendations entail the following: financial controls, risk management, HR management, business strategy, or any other related aspects of business management.
  6. Budget Analyst – With a career in budget analysis, you can assist organisations and businesses to better organise their finances, prepare budgets and monitor spending habits.
  7. Certified bookkeeper – Without a good bookkeeper, how would any organization know how much money they had, or how much they were spending? Bookkeeping services are essential for the welfare of any business, whether large or small. They are the individuals that record the necessary transactions from inception whereby the analysts, auditors, and planners utilise this information to make informed decisions for the enterprise. ‘The Bookkeeper is the Godfather of the Accounting Process!’

Skills that come with being an accounting graduate

Accountants have developed many other prolific skills, apart from only performing calculations, which includes:

  • Technical skills
  • Agile strategic mind-sets
  • Ability to communicate effectively with various stakeholders

A degree in accounting provides these sought-after skills in the business world.

How to become an accountant?

To pursue a career in accounting, you will need to study towards a degree, diploma, or certificate in accounting or its equivalent, like financial management. The MANCOSA platform offers a multitude of programmes for the accounting student to motion their dreams of becoming accountants that lead with impact.

Study accounting courses online with a Higher Certificate in Accounting

At MANCOSA, we have programmes that first teach you the fundamentals of accounting and then progressively take you on to the more advanced level. You may start your journey by registering for the Higher Certificate in Accounting programme. This is a one year programme that will provide you with the necessary foundational knowledge in Accounting and prepare you for the Bachelor of Accounting programme.

Degree programmes for accounting & financial management

A three-year Bachelor of Accounting degree programme will also assist in helping you become an accountant. This is an exciting and innovative course that aims to equip you with the requisite skills and competencies to enter the new global business world, whereby you make your mark as a credible accountant!  A time to access your learning skills, studying business and finance courses with accounting and taxation as your majors. You will have the committed support of experienced lecturers in the accounting and finance space.

At MANCOSA we have programmes that first teach you the fundamentals and then progressively take you on to the more advanced level. You may start your journey by registering for the Higher Certificate in Accounting programme. This is a one year programme that will provide you with the necessary foundational knowledge in Accounting and prepare you for the Bachelor of Accounting programme.

MANCOSA also offers a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management programme for those of you who want to pursue a career in finance but not limited to just being an accountant. This programme equips you with the skills to become a proficient financial manager or director. Many students opt for this option to climb the corporate ladder into executive management positions.

Upskill with a relevant postgraduate qualification

Once your degree is completed, you may progress into the empowering postgraduate programs available by registering for a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management. This programme equips you with the requisite skills to become an effective senior manager in any particular area within an organisation.  This is a one year programme that allows you to pursue and further your studies into MANCOSA’s Master of Business Administration programme. The MANCOSA MBA program has been ranked as one of the top 10 MBA’s in South Africa and is your golden ticket to attain or sustain an executive management position. Accounting also paves the path for self -entrepreneurial sustainability and gain.

Can you study accounting courses online?

MANCOSA is an innovative and tech-savvy organisation that recognises the relevance of repurposing yourself for the new business environment. MANCOSA has succeeded in providing students with cutting edge online education.

All of MANCOSA’s programmes are offered online including the accounting course. There are also a number of other online courses and degrees online available for those who prefer more flexibility when they study. We specialise in catering for distance and part-time students who may be working and balancing home-work life. When you register for any of our programmes; all learning material is available through online study portals. MANCOSA also provides online webinars conducted by experienced lecturers that you can watch from the comfort of your home or office. All lectures are recorded and posted online so that you can access them at your convenience.

Become an accountant with MANCOSA

Attaining your dream career in finance and accounting is within your reach!   Register for any of our fully accredited accounting programmes or degrees and start your journey today. If you need to continue working, you can even study for an accounting course online. Contact any of our student support administrators who will happily assist you in starting your stellar journey with us.