Have you considered a career in Logistics & Supply Chains?

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You’ll be forgiven for not 100% understanding what career opportunities are available in the field of logistics and supply chain management (scm). This area of business is largely misunderstood but is truly the backbone for most of the world’s industries. How a product or item is acquired, distributed, allocated and ultimately delivered is governed by Logistics and Supply Chain Management. With the continued growth of e-commerce around the globe, this industry is booming more than ever with a bright future for graduates with these skillsets.

What is the role of Logistics in Supply Chain Management?

Have you ever stopped to wonder exactly how a package or item you’ve bought online gets to you? The system that ensures this happens smoothly is called a supply chain. People who work in the industry that governs this process, ensuring it runs smoothly, are pursuing careers in logistics. This field of study can be applied to a wide range of processes and resources, including consumer goods, military supplies and even personnel. So, you’ll notice that when we say no other industry would be able to operate without logistics, it isn’t an over exaggeration.

What kind of careers can be pursued?

One of the reasons why this field continues to thrive is the wide variety of career opportunities available for all kinds of personalities. Those who are passionate about the environment can tackle environmental concerns such as hazardous material regulation and public policy. If you’re someone who enjoys being meticulous then quality control might be a great path. This could take the shape of a purchasing agent or storage and distribution managers. Of course, there is also the cornerstone job title of logistician who can be employed throughout manufacturing, government, scientific and technical services, or even wholesale trade.

What kind of skills should you have?

People who have a natural inquisitiveness and a desire to understand patterns and trends within data will find these fields particularly thrilling. A passion for simulation, modelling, forecasting, problem solving and negotiation are also skillsets that are considered incredibly valuable. Not to mention that resilience and ability to think on your feet when under pressure are always a plus.

Still considering working in this demanding and fast-paced industry? After all, a career in logistics and supply chains is dynamic and rewarding, especially for those who naturally enjoy optimising and problem-solving. If you’re interested in a logistics and supply chain management programme, speak to one of our student advisors for more information.

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