Unlocking The Versatility of The Bachelor of Business Administration

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staff developing business administrator skills

Is your company or business looking to upskill your staff in a multidisciplinary area across most departments? A business administration degree will serve a company well in providing diverse skills and training leaders for future managerial roles. MANCOSA offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course that will equip your staff with foundational business skills they can use in the context of their current and perhaps future roles with the company.

This article will discuss why versatility has become increasingly important in the business sector and how a BBA is designed to assist companies looking for a qualification with a broad spectrum of benefits for their staff.

The modern business landscape requires versatile professionals

In today’s business landscape, with countless technological advancements and fast-paced working environments, businesses have seen the benefit of hiring versatile professionals who can adapt their skills and duties based on the company’s needs.

Versatile professionals have the following great skillsets:

  • Flexible: They can easily adapt to unexpected situations and seamlessly transition between roles. They can perform different job duties and be seen as an “all-rounder”. For example, a staff member with a Bachelor of Administration Degree will be afforded the skills of operations coordinator, which can be applied across departments, including Human Resources, Finance or Marketing.

  • Multidisciplinary: These graduates have more than one type of skill, knowledge or expertise in different fields or disciplines. This means they can bridge the gap between departments or roles because they have a broader understanding of the business and its operations.

  • Efficient allocation of resources: Instead of hiring multiple employees for different roles, the company can hire a smaller, more efficient staff complement who can perform several duties. This allows for a more productive allocation of resources and positively affects the bottom line.

The importance of enhancing employee skills

More companies are choosing to upskill their staff in order to remain competitive in the ever-evolving business landscape. A Bachelor of Business Administration is an excellent choice for employers who are looking for a multifaceted employee. Many skills are covered in the Bachelor of Business Administration, including research and development, data analysis, and an in-depth understanding of economics.

Adaptability of the Bachelor of Business Administration

A BBA degree is extremely versatile. This comes with the following advantages for both staff and companies like:

1. Multifaceted Skills Matrix

A skills matrix is a framework companies use to compare their employees’ skills and levels. It’s essentially a grid containing all the information regarding which skills certain employees have and what tasks they can perform. A BBA will make employees stand out since they’ll have multiple skills and can step into several job roles.

2. Career versatility

Professionals with a BBA have the opportunity to shift roles or departments. Regardless of the reason for a career change, this type of qualification offers a lot more flexibility for companies because the candidate is well-rounded in several different types of skills.

Benefits of a Business Administration Degree

Here are some of the main benefits that a BBA offers.

  • Broad business knowledge (across departments): This degree equips staff with business knowledge across business functions and departments to perform virtually any business task. This includes but isn’t limited to finances, marketing, human resources, economics, management, and more.
  • Diverse skillset: Since your staff will be gaining expertise across various business departments, this will open the door to many career opportunities. You will have employees who are equipped to work in different departments, like finance or marketing, or different roles, like operations or project management.
  • Leadership and management skills: train future leaders and managers. Invest in succession planning by providing the training your staff will need should they take on a managerial or senior role in the future.
  • Communication skills: Communication and listening abilities are two of the most vital skills within the business industry. A BBA improves communication skills, which means your staff will be in a better position to communicate with stakeholders.
  • Foundation for future growth, learning, and development: A BBA degree is a great foundation upon which to build. By providing staff with this highly versatile degree, you can allow them to identify their strengths and role in the company, paving their way for specialised areas of study or even postgraduate programmes.

Invest in staff development and training with MANCOSA

A Bachelor in Business Administration is an excellent option for companies who want to invest in corporate staff training to enhance their employee’s skills and knowledge. Improve productivity and pave the way for innovation. Have a look at MANCOSA’s Bachelor of Business Administration degree and what to expect when you enrol your staff in this programme.