A look at the future for Business Administration Graduates

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Deciding what to study can be very stressful for students. Luckily, we have experts on hand who can give you a glimpse into the future outcomes for some of the occupational fields you may be considering. When it comes to the advantages and disadvantages of studying business administration in particular, the future certainly does look bright!

This is because efficient and progressive administration is at the core of any well-functioning, forward-moving business. This role is the beating heart of ensuring that workflow is smooth and collaborative, something that many enterprises are placing more emphasis on in an effort to boost productivity and bottom lines.

Job-Ready Skills

There are many business streams that leave graduates overqualified and under-experienced. This is because there is too much emphasis placed on theoretical learning without practical exposure. If you’re figuring out why you should study business administration, certainly consider that many experts predict that these types of students will gain job-ready skills and launch into their first roles far easier than many of their peers. Studying Business administration truly gives you a great foundation to begin a successful career.

Employment Opportunities

When you pursue a career in business, there is a wide range of areas that you could focus on depending on your passions and interest. From accounting to marketing and finance to technology, there are a number of other fields that will always require individuals with a Business Admin skillsets. This means you’ll likely be enjoying a variety of opportunities and career paths in the future.

The Tech boom

Students who have been brought up to speed with the challenges of the modern office means that they’re prepared to immediately be inducted into several sectors of the economy. From Apple products to Microsoft suites and even project management software, students will find the transition from learning to doing far easier with a business administration qualification.

Greater job security

With better job opportunities also comes the potential for increased pay. For example, in South Africa, many professionals with a Bachelor’s Degree can earn up to 62% more than those who have earned their Grade 12 with Diplomas (Statistics South Africa and Analytico). If you aspire to build a career with both increased earning potential and job security, then business administration is certainly a viable option to consider for your future career.

Does this sound like something that can help you reach your personal and professional goals? Find out more about studying business administration by contacting one of our advisors today!

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