5 compelling motivations to pursue your Postgraduate studies

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Motivations to pursue your Postgraduate studies

At some point or another, millions of students from all around the world have been faced with assessing the importance of further studies. After all, Postgrad Degrees can lead to Masters and even Doctorates, exactly the kind of recognition many graduates crave. Here are 5 more compelling motivations to consider studying further after graduation, if any of them resonate with you – it could mean that you are a perfect candidate for a Postgraduate programme!

1. Would your dream job require a Postgrad qualification?

This is probably the most important motivation to consider. Are you already studying in an industry such as science or technology or engineering, where workplace roles are strictly reserved for those with Postgrad Degrees? Unfortunately, in many sectors, the gold standard for job applicants used to be Bachelor’s Degrees but now: “the Master’s is the new Bachelor’s” says a 2017 survey from

2. Do you enjoy the intellectual stimulation?

Career and earning potential aside, Postgrad studies are a means for students who have a genuine passion for a particular topic or area of research to delve deeper. This can be a thrilling prospect for intellectuals who thrive on being THE specialist about a topic. Being surrounded by like-minded peers who care about what you have to say and mentors who invite your participation in classes can have a profound impact on your future work.

3. Could you benefit from an expanding network?

When you further your studies, many graduates find that it also opens up new opportunities for future employment, business, research and collaboration. Expanding your network comes naturally as you spend time with like-minded intellectuals, professionals and researchers from all around the world. These types of academic contacts can become invaluable down the line and even nurture close professional and research relationships.

4. Are you already eligible for some form of financial aid?

Many universities, academic and corporate bodies have a host of scholarships and bursaries available. While securing one can take a lot of diligence and hard work, if you’ve been able to secure funding then Postgraduate studies could truly be a gift. More than half of South Africa’s youth are not able to pay for tuition (Stats SA). Many of these financial aids can be awarded based on ethnicity, religion, parental occupation, and so forth. If it can cost you very little and also opens up a world of opportunities for you, it should always be a serious consideration for your future.

5. Would working with the best in industry excite you?

Would you love the opportunity to be surrounded by resident and guest leading thinkers in your field? How about having access to excellent material resources, potentially including the latest technologies and high-end equipment? This could be a great motivation to further your studies and to specialise in your chosen field.

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