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3 Reasons why project management matters in business

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Are you thinking about studying project management? After all, project management courses in South Africa are a great choice for both the school leaver and a seasoned professional. This is because knowing the fundamentals of managing a project from start to finish can be applied to almost any type of industry or endeavour. It’s certainly one of the most flexible and useful skill sets you can possess in the corporate world, especially as a manager of people and outcomes.

When it comes to project management, it can certainly appear to be one of those things that look kind of easy. Until you try it for yourself. Planning and executing the project objectives takes a lot more than just some labour and materials and a bullet point task list. Project management itself is the area of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve the company’s goals and meet specific key performance metrics. It’s the application of project management skills, tools, and techniques, aligned with certain activities to meet the project requirements.

An efficient project manager understands exactly how organisational culture is related to project management. For more information about studying for a project management certification and the skills needed for this profession, take a look at What you should know about Project Management. More specifically, how to guide this culture and the team within it to the best possible outputs. Here are some reasons why project management matters:

1. Become an organising & planning professional

Projects can by nature be incredibly chaotic. Honing your ability to project manage centres around knowing exactly how to organise and plan them in a way that tames this chaos into easily achievable steps. Then your resources can follow this as a roadmap to achieving your project goals. This can mean achieving success in almost anything your enterprise tackles.

2. Position yourself as an indispensable leader

Learning about what type of culture promotes a strong project environment in both the corporate and private sectors is a valuable tool in the workplace. A project needs to bring people together and can often mean sharing ideas and providing inspiration. In this role, you can become the cornerstone of collaboration and integration in a team. By executing effective planning and efficient people management, people begin to naturally look to you as a strong leader.

3. Develop a keen eye for quality control

Besides managing the cultural challenges in project management, a project manager also has to manage and ensure quality is always provided. Producing exceptional services or products time and again takes a keen eye for spotting defects or deficiencies. Learn how to identify, manage and control quality while managing a team and its morale. After all, a high-quality product or service means happy clients and satisfied bosses for everyone involved.

These reasons and many other factors are why companies continue to employ people with exceptional project management skills. If you’re looking for a new career, or you would like to boost your current skill sets, this is definitely one route to consider!

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