Month: Sep 2023

public administrator smiling in office

Honours Public Administration: The Evolving Role of Public Service

The role of public service has never been more critical or dynamic. As South Africa’s societies evolve, so must the individuals and organisations responsible for creating, implementing, and managing public policies. Thus, the need for highly-trained public sector administrators has increased dramatically. MANCOSA offers an Honours Public Administration degree that equips students with an advanced…

Financial Planner preps for meeting

Certificate in Financial Planning: How to Build Wealth Strategically

Financial planning isn’t merely an aspiration in today’s complex economic landscape. It requires a well-thought-out strategy, expert knowledge, and detailed planning. This is where a certified financial consultant comes in. Financial advisors help businesses and individuals build and preserve their wealth through meticulous planning. MANCOSA offers an Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning that equips students…

SoE in-service

iTEACHlab Robotics and Coding Teachers Workshop for NAPTOSA Delegates

The MANCOSA School of Education’s iTEACHlab in Durban hosted 60 teachers from NAPTOSA for an exciting and engaging Robotics and Coding Teachers Workshop. This took place on Saturday, 02nd September 2023. The aim of this workshop was to encourage teachers to embrace 21st-century technology in teaching. The teachers were in awe of the presentations on…

MBA graduate at ceremony

Strategic Leadership: How the MBA Drives Organisational Success

Great leaders and managers have become essential in today’s competitive business environment. Great leaders can help companies provide better services, drive staff engagement, resolve conflicts, and take proactive actions. MANCOSA offers a Master’s in Business Administration that teaches employees critical leadership and management skills to drive businesses forward. Discover the importance of leadership in business…

Press Release

Redefining mental health will be one of the greatest health challenges of our age

Mental health is often referred to as a silent killer. With the increased complexity of the world that we live in, coupled with the extreme financial pressure that families have been under over the last two years, burnout, which develops into mental health issues, is becoming more common. If left unchecked, this can become a…