Month: Jul 2023

Press Release

Whistle Blowing in South Africa: a vulnerable watchdog

Every society is built around the rule of law and adherence to that law. However, the custodians of the law (police and lawmakers) can’t be present in every instance where there is a breach of legal and ethical behaviour. Citizens must be equally invested in being law-abiding citizens and exposing instances where questionable behaviour occurs….

pgde teacher in class

Why Should You Consider The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Are you interested in becoming an educational manager?  Are you passionate about developing school systems and facilities to enhance the South African economy by providing quality learning environments?  MANCOSA offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Education or PGDE that teaches students the core skills and knowledge needed to manage school systems and finances effectively.  In this…

project manager planning project

Discover Key Principles & Best Practices: BCom Project Management

Project management is an essential component of any business. Without it, companies and teams can’t achieve business goals within specific deadlines and according to budgets.  This is why project managers are essential in all businesses — big and small.  MANCOSA offers a BCom Project Management that teaches students fundamental skills to bring projects to fruition. …

staff developing business administrator skills

Unlocking The Versatility of The Bachelor of Business Administration

Is your company or business looking to upskill your staff in a multidisciplinary area across most departments? A business administration degree will serve a company well in providing diverse skills and training leaders for future managerial roles. MANCOSA offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course that will equip your staff with foundational business skills…

mathematics student in class

Beyond The Blackboard: The Transformative Role of Honours Mathematics

Do you love the art of working with numbers and enjoy teaching the same skills to students? If you have an education degree and want to advance your teaching career in maths, you could consider getting an Honours Mathematics. MANCOSA offers a Bachelor of Education Honours in Mathematics Education that allows students to keep up…