Month: Feb 2023

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Why a Postgraduate Educational Management Degree is Needed in SA

The education industry is ever-evolving. People worldwide need education to advance their knowledge, so they’re equipped for different jobs to earn a living and build a future. At the forefront of education, leaders must implement the processes that enable teaching and learning. MANCOSA offers a BEd Honours Educational Leadership and Management that’ll enable you to…

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Choose Accounting Courses Online if You’re Career Focussed

Accounting is a highly lucrative industry. With several job positions to choose from, it comes with job security and flexibility. If you enjoy math and working with numbers, a career in finance and accounting might be the ideal choice. MANCOSA offers accounting courses online, including higher certificates, diplomas, degrees, and more. This article will look…

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The future of work is greatly influencing the future of tertiary education

The way in which we work, and the future of work, is facing significant disruption that is being shaped by technology and the innovative growth of artificial intelligence. According to a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the rapid adoption of these technologies, in everything from manufacturing to healthcare, is opening up new opportunities…

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Honoris receives key award as future technologies take centre stage

Global education has faced significant disruption over the past three years with a majority of students and learners forced to transition from in class to distance learning. In this paradigm, many learners were expected to manage their workload for the first time while coming to terms with challenges such as time management, self-guidance and the…

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Communication Degree & The Role of Corporate Communications

Communication is one of the most — if not the most important function of any business. It allows businesses to build their reputations, establish market positions, and create seamless workflows for their employees. However, they can only achieve this with the help of communication professionals. MANCOSA offers a comprehensive communication degree, the Bachelor of Commerce…