Month: Jul 2022

master of public administration graduates at work

Get the Right Industry Skills with a Supply Chain Management Degree

If you’re thinking of taking your supply chain management degree to the next level and studying towards an honours degree, you probably have a lot of questions about whether it’s a good career move? Fortunately, MANCOSA has the answers you’re looking for with our insightful guide. This article will cover everything you need to know…

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MANCOSA academic Shame Mugova is also an author

When MANCOSA academic Shame Mugova is not engrossed in work related to the higher education institution, he is busy researching and writing books. To date, he has co-authored two books, in addition to contributing chapters and articles to other publications. The first book, “Corporate Finance and Financial Development – An Emerging Market Perspective on a Post-Crisis World”,…

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How can South African consumers from disadvantaged backgrounds fully adopt to the digital transformation of retail

By Winiswa Mavutha, Academic at MANCOSA During the 2020/2021 national lockdown, shopping behaviours and preferences changed. The lockdown resulted in an increase in online shopping, due to the health risks of visiting stores physically. Consumers became a lot more cautious about visiting brick and mortar stores, hence the huge shift to online shopping. Suburban South…


Why study for the Master of Public Administration at MANCOSA

Article by Dr Premlall Ramlachan and Dr Uduak Johnson Public Administration is a vibrant and dynamic field, locally and globally, responding to changing challenges. At MANCOSA, the Master of Public Administration (MPA) – an NQF level 9 Postgraduate qualification – deepens and broadens an undergraduate degree, in the quest for both practical and high-order solutions…


Lifting the mask on the MBA

While the world has been reshaped by the pandemic, the MBA has remained the master key to open career doors, writes MANCOSA academic, Dr Aradhana Ramnund-Mansingh.

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Dr Cleo Karrim is new Head of School of Education at MANCOSA

Dr Cleo Karrim has been appointed as Head of School for the School of Education at MANCOSA. Dr Karrim began her journey at Mancosa in 2018 as an Academic on the Bachelor of Education and PGCE programmes. She later was promoted to the role of an Academic Programme Manager for the Bachelor of Education qualification….

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MANCOSA’s forgery-proof certificates challenge fraudulent qualifications

With unemployability on the rise, there is an increase in false qualifications. Hence, certificates that have in-built credibility and trustworthiness are a necessity. The Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) has reported that over the past year, South Africans have faced increased risk when it comes to becoming a victim of fraud. “This is particularly…