Month: Jan 2022

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Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management vs MBA

Are you a postgraduate business student at a crossroads regarding your next step in further education? It can be tricky to decide between a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management or a Master’s Degree. Both offer considerable advantages in your personal and career development, so which is right for you? Reading this article will help you…

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The Accounting Programme & The Vital Role of Accountants in Business

Accounting tracks nearly everything that’s going on in your business allowing you to understand how your company is doing and where it’s going in terms of its financial stability. Accounting is the language of a business, and it’s written with numbers. It enables a company to evaluate their current financial health, learn from historical results,…

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MANCOSA open days will help matrics decide on future studies

The SoE includes a state-of-the-art iTeach Lab, a first of its kind to combine elements of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) in seven unique hubs designed to prepare and empower student-teachers for the 21st century Students get the opportunity to meet a real virtual robot or build their own in the coding and…

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How to be emotionally prepared for the final Matric results

WHILE MOST MATRICULANTS ARE CELEBRATING THE END OF MORE THAN A DECADE OF STUDYING OTHERS ARE NERVOUS AND AFRAID AS THEY WAIT FOR THEIR RESULTS. HOW DO YOU COPE WITH ANXIETY? After the sleepless nights leading up to the matric final exams, compounded by the COVID 19 pandemic lockdowns, there is now the long, excruciating…

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WIL News article

WIL News article (Test 001)

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