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Month: Aug 2021

Press Release

Guardians must be involved in students’ education

Parents and guardians usually complain about the lack of strong student support initiatives provided to children by the education system. However, the significance of parental support in assisting students to achieve academic excellence should not be underestimated, write MANCOSA academics, Merilyn Du Plessis and Enerst Makumucha. Students develop in various ways through parental support in…

young mba graduate

How to apply for an MBA: A complete guide for first-time applicants

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a postgraduate degree equivalent to the Master’s degree, offered to individuals seeking to learn management techniques that will give them a competitive edge in the 21st century. An MBA degree trains students and professionals from diverse backgrounds like engineering, business, politics, arts and humanities, and more, to become…


Entrepreneurship is vital for its ability to advance living standards and generate wealth for women

(By Meshel Muzuva, Economics Lecturer, and Dr Marlini Nair-Moodley, Marketing Lecturer, at MANCOSA) In most countries, entrepreneurship is seen as a panacea for all economic and social ills, to build the economy and fight the triple scourge of poverty, unemployment and inequality. In South Africa, we have marginal success with entrepreneurship amid women. Yet entrepreneurship…

Press Release

Financial literacy for higher education Students

It is important that young people, especially students, acquire financial literacy skills, say Meshel Muzuva, Economics Academic, and Dr shame Mugova, Finance Academic at MANCOSA. Securing a financial future is important for young people, especially university students who need to acquire financial literacy skills. A lack of financial literacy can result in unwise decisions, with…

Press Release

MANCOSA’s centre for women in leadership provides skills programmes

The MANCOSA Centre for Women in Leadership (CWIL) has reaffirmed its commitment to advocating for women to be given an opportunity to explore meaningful work and professional opportunities. Jabulile Diko, Associate Director at MANCOSA, said the Centre will continue to strive to create an enabling environment for the promotion of women leadership roles. Since its…