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man with a financial management degree using a laptop

What you need to know before starting a financial management degree

MANCOSA’s 25 years’ sterling experience endorses its commitment to providing accessible, credible and affordable education to every student.  “Financial Management is the application of the planning and control function of the finance function.” – Howard and Upton. Finance is the life blood line of any business. Financial Management is a way and means of managing…


Professor Magnate Ntombela appointed as Principal of MANCOSA

While recognising he has big shoes to fill, the newly appointed principal of MANCOSA, Professor Magnate Ntombela, says he draws strength from the human assets and organisational structures assembled by his predecessor. Professor Ntombela takes over the helm of the private higher education institution from the philanthropist and eminent educationist, Professor Yusuf Karodia, who passed…


In Honour of Poetry

By Michelle Naudé Poetry is the Proteus of literature. It can be read or listened to alone or with a group, in the same space and time or centuries apart. We can find it in old torn books or in the podcast category on Spotify. Poetry is a living, breathing thing that, like the shapeshifting…

Press Release

How digital technologies are transforming the mathematics classroom and teacher education at MANCOSA

Technology must be embraced for the teaching of science and mathematics, says Annie Kgosi, an academic at private higher education institution, MANCOSA. She said with the challenges associated with Covid-19 and its teaching and learning constraints, mathematics teaching at MANCOSA has transitioned to move from face-to-face delivery to online delivery. “MANCOSA developed new approaches for…

Entrepreneurs having a light hearted moment

14 Reasons why entrepreneurs should take a business management course

There’s a saying. By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail. Many entrepreneurs start a business but few succeed. A person may have the zeal and passion but may also lack the skills and knowledge to run a successful venture. MANCOSA’s accredited and industry-acclaimed Business Management courses equip individuals and prospective entrepreneurs with the…

Teacher with a Masters in Education teaching students

Prepare for a School Leadership Role With a Master of Education

School leadership is a much-needed resource in the South African education system. While schools employ teachers to educate learners, efficient leadership and management of schools and related issues are highly prized skills within this specialised ecosystem. If you’re a teacher and you’re passionate about making a positive impact or becoming a change agent in this…


MANCOSA offers forgery-proof blockchain certificates

In an effort to tackle the fake qualifications threat and to protect its brand reputation, higher education institution MANCOSA is introducing a blockchain-based diploma certification service. The BCdiploma dematerializes and automates the issuance of certified diplomas and certificates, and is designed to guarantee the highest level of reliability on the market. The introduction of blockchain…