Feb 2021 - MANCOSA

Month: Feb 2021


MANCOSA Alumni motivate matriculants with success stories

Successful graduates of MANCOSA, the private higher education institution, urge those who have recently matriculated to make the correct academic and career choices. At this time of year when school leavers must evaluate their choices for the future, they are encouraged by MANCOSA alumni to continue to pursue their dreams and plan their career paths….

bcom graduates in a meeting

Which BCOM degree is best? Choosing a Bachelor of Commerce

In an environment that is constantly changing there is a continuous need for new knowledge. As a prospective student, you may ponder on which path of study to choose that will enhance your career and employability. MANCOSAs fully-accredited, revolutionary and technologically-driven BCOM Degrees arms students with the skills and expertise to thrive in commerce and…