Month: Oct 2020

Student studying an online course

Are Online Courses Worth It? Everything You Need to Know

Education is arguably the fundamental gateway to success by means of knowledge and skills transfer. With global institutions now offering an array of online courses and programmes, it offers ambitious people new opportunities to expand their knowledge and expertise, thus making them more employable in South Africa’s competitive workforce. Likewise, specialised online courses are designed…

Press Release

MANCOSA academic has come far from the days of guarding cars

Nowadays, Elizabeth Kanani is a contented wife, mother to three children and loves her job as an academic at MANCOSA, a private higher education institution. She has come a long way since she worked as a car guard on Durban’s Victoria Embankment and plaited hair at salons to eke out a living. However, she is…

Student planning their online project management course

Become a Project Manager With a Project Management Course Online

What is it that project managers do. Simply put: absolutely everything. Is that even possible? Absolutely, and the cherry on the cake is that you get to do everything with knowledge, skills, tools and techniques that allow you to skilfully balance the competing constraints of scope, time and cost so that you deliver a successful…

Academic Views

The Sting of the Queen Bee is rooted in Toxic Masculinity

by MANCOSA academics Dr Claudine Hingston and Dr Aradhana Ramnund-Mansingh In a culture that equates masculinity with physical power, some men and boys feel they are failing at “being a man”. Hence, they adopt “toxic masculinity” whereby they suppress emotions or mask distress; maintain an appearance of hardness; and resort to violence, domination and aggression…


The transition of students into employable leaders of tomorrow

Education is a fundamental factor for development. It improves the quality of life by raising people’s productivity and creativity and promotes entrepreneurship and technological advances. Education plays a crucial role in securing economic and social progress and improving income distribution. However, traditional teaching models will no longer prepare students for jobs of tomorrow or to…