Mar 2020 - MANCOSA

Month: Mar 2020

Press Release

The shackles tighten women as the country locks down

As the coronavirus cuts a swathe through the entire world, leaving tens of thousands dead in its wake, many women in South Africa must endure a second virus for which there are minimal eradication efforts. Whereas the 21-day lockdown is a bold attempt to arrest the spread of the coronavirus, the period of isolation at…

Press Release

The poor must not be denied online education

The worldwide spread of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to claim lives and create havoc and mayhem in many countries.   In South Africa, when the full impact of the lockdown is felt, it is likely to lay bare one of the persisting socio-economic fault lines in society, namely, inequality.  All relief efforts, including those…

Press Release

Consumer protection act is a big stick for errant retailers

Whilst retailers in South Africa are complying with the provisions of the CPA, there is a significant impact on the promotion expense in the organisation. Implementation of new methods of promotions in order to be compliant has resulted in increased promotions expenditure of between 10 and 20%. Retailers also incur added administrative costs since they…


A case for formally training newly appointed principals in South Africa on professional management

Newly appointed principals in South Africa receive little induction or in-service training, while in other  countries a one or two days’ induction programme is considered sufficient. New principals must have a formal, structured programme as one component of enhancing their leadership capabilities as well as building leadership capacity in schools. By virtue of their positions…

Academic Views

Likely impact of 4IR on Business Studies Teacher Education programmes

There is little doubt that the curriculum for teacher education at MANCOSA will be in a constant state of change over the next three to five years as disruptive technologies gain momentum through social and business media. During the 1990’s, Professor Christensen of Harvard Business School coined the phrase ‘disruptive technology’ referring to any new…


Teacher unemployment crises in South Africa

Over the decades it was known that if you have an Education qualification you are most likely employable and wouldn’t be out of work for long because there was a shortage of teachers in schools. There was somewhat a balance in the demand and supply of teachers in the profession. More recently, there is an…


Africa’s greatest education developer award goes to Prof Karodia

29 February 2020 Africa’s leading educationist, Durban academic Professor Yusuf Karodia, says traditional approaches to higher education are becoming irrelevant in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Professor Karodia, the founder of distance learning institutions MANCOSA and REGENT Business School, was commenting at a glittering awards ceremony and banquet in Sandton, Johannesburg, after receiving…