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MANCOSA’s Prof Karodia voted Africa’s leading education developer

12 December 2019 Professor Yusuf Karodia the founder and principal of Southern Africa-based private distance education institution MANCOSA, has been voted Africa’s greatest visionary in the development of higher education. The African Leadership Magazine has unveiled the 8th Edition of the Annual African Leadership Magazine Persons of the Year 2019. Each year, African Leadership Magazine…

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From livestock herder to senior IT officer at World Bank

11 December 2019 The belief that people from humble beginnings make some of the finest leaders in the world holds true for Lungile Bomvu who, despite endless challenges at a tender age, catapulted to academic and professional success. He is Senior IT Officer: Enterprise Architecture at the World Bank Group in Washington DC, capital city…


Unchanged repo rate will curb Xmas shopping spree

The South African Reserve Bank’s (SARB) decision to keep the bank repo rate unchanged at 6.5% would appear to be in response to Moody’s latest downgrading and an attempt by the SARB to prevent further decline in the country’s credit rating. This is the view of Jithendra Maharaj, an economics academic at MANCOSA private higher…

Nonhlanhla Dorcas Mbongwa
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Nonhlanhla shows determination can overcome any of life’s battles

20 November 2019   Failure was not an option for Nonhlanhla Dorcas Mbongwa, 43, who defied a rare medical condition to pursue a BCom degree in IT Management which she passed with 11 distinctions. The mother of two from Newlands West, Durban, was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia – which manifests in intense facial pain –…

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Discrimination in the workforce due to HIV/ AIDS disclosure is still rife

The HIV/AIDS pandemic is still having a profound impact on businesses in South Africa. Discrimination against individuals with HIV infections in the workplace still prevails. Employees living with HIV/AIDS are unable to continue working under normal conditions in their current employment for as long as they are medically fit to do so. Constructive dismissal occurs…

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Why our fuel price goes up, down, up, down

12 November 2019   Like a yo-yo, fuel prices keep going up and down. In June 2019 unleaded 93 octane petrol cost R16.57 a litre. Then in July the price decreased to R15.61. In August the petrol price went up to R15.72. In September it went up to R15.83. In October it dropped to R15.79….

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Moody’s downgrading calls for prudent management of personal finances

05 November 2019   South Africans are urged to take stock of their personal finances and better manage personal expenses following the downgrading of SA’s credit rating by Moody from “stable” to “negative” on Friday 1 November. South Africans must improve personal expenditure to stimulate the wheels of the economy, says Jithendra Maharaj, finance and…

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Aspire towards a society “Beyond the prison house of race”

28 October 2019 Now, more than ever before, South Africa needs non-racialism and selfless service to combat the threats of racist populism and corruption that has engulfed the nation, said Durban historian and author, Professor Goolam Vahed. Delivering the sixth annual Dr Chota Motala Memorial Lecture hosted by MANCOSA, Vahed said Pietermaritzburg political activist Dr…