Month: Apr 2019


Four MBA tips that will save money and time

An MBA holds prestige in many sectors of business across the world. This has been largely due to the fact that it comes with a hefty price tag. With globalisation and changes in international business, more people are getting their MBA’s through different ways of funding. We asked Professor Zaheer Hamid, Director at MANCOSA Online…

Career and Learning

Does Africa Need Management Skills

Finding qualified business managers. There is increasing optimism about what the future holds for Africa. Studies show the continent can expect rapid economic growth with its rich natural resources. However, there is a shortage of high-quality local managers to achieve this vision and aspirations of the AU. Finding good managers is the biggest challenge for…


An MBA Benefits Development in the Workplace

Personal development and growth is a meaningful way in which to improve life skills and increase wealth.  Having specific goals like obtaining an MBA can go a long way in achieving this.  Research shows that having clearly defined and sufficiently challenging goals can lead to a better performance rate.  The benefits of goals lie in…

Studying an MBA with kids

Family support when doing an MBA

Family support for someone completing an MBA does not only mean giving the student time to study. It actually refers to a host of ways of support for the student as well as the student’s family: Think support for the partner who has to cope with small children. Support for ageing parents who depend on…

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How difficult is an MBA?

The short answer is yes, yes it is. However, there is more to studying an MBA than just how difficult it is and how much work goes into it. Studying an MBA is a defining milestone for those looking to solidify what they have learned through previous tertiary education and on-the-job experience. It is a…

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How is the MANCOSA MBA different?

Why should you choose an MBA? Our 7000 Master of Business Administration graduates who studied with us have taken on leadership roles across a range of industries. We prepare working professionals for climbing the corporate ladder and long-term career planning. Flexible time schedules, the latest online technology and a mobile-first learning design make an MBA…

What is public management?

What is Public Management? Why should you study it?

Do you consider yourself leadership material? Someone who can create plans and solve problems, while meeting the emotional and motivational needs of a team? Then you may be the perfect candidate for a highly-successful career in Public Management. This is particularly true if you can see yourself really making a difference to public spaces and…


Mixed methods research: Game changer or compromise?

The increase in mixed methods research justifies the question of determining the perceived value of mixed methods research compared with a purely quantitative or purely qualitative study. It is important to understand the perceived value of combining two distinct methodologies, especially given the added resources, time, and expertise required to conduct a mixed methods study (McKim, 2017).


What are the digital marketing jobs of the future?

The rise of Digital Marketing certainly did give birth to a brand-new era in career prospects for graduates from many fields. From paid media to UX design and the rise of social media influencers, a whole new world of opportunity was unlocked. However, the pace at which this landscape changes and evolves is also blinding….

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How can I fund an MBA?

How can I get funding for my MBA? Once you have decided to do an MBA, the first thing you should do is decide how you are going to pay for it. Are you going to pay for it yourself? Will you ask your employer to contribute? Are you going to apply for a bursary? Will…

Student working on an MBA assignment

What are the entry requirements for an MBA degree?

The main focus of MBA degrees are on mature, talented adults with proven academic ability. These are highly motivated people with business experience. Students with the capacity for personal and professional development are chosen most often. Mancosa MBA requirements: Can anyone do an MBA? Can you do an MBA without a degree? These are questions that…