Month: Mar 2019


Why study Supply Chain Management? Here are 3 compelling reasons!

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world of e-commerce, supply chain management graduates are in even more demand than before. In almost any industry you can think of there is generally a need for goods to be procured, stored and dispatched. Understanding the logistics behind this and how to efficiently manage a steady flow of operations…


Why is Human Resource Management so important for all managers?

Human Resource Management has certainly evolved over the decades and this department is now considered absolutely critical for business success. The traditional function of Human Resource Management in regards to employment law compliance and maintaining staffing levels has now become an influential one in the overall strategic development and operations of an organisation. After all,…


What exactly does a Financial Manager do?

How do organisations and businesses across the world navigate major risks, and stay on the good side of the profit margin? You’ll have to ask a Financial Manager! These are the role-players who are tasked with keeping a constant eye on operational costs, as well as constantly evaluating the financial strengths and weaknesses of an…


The Difference between Certificates, Diplomas & Degrees

The time has finally come to consider your future study options! Are you deciding on what to study after your matric exemption or equivalent? Maybe you’ve already endured many wounds, exertion, thirst and hunger to get yourself through the gateways of graduation glory? Either way, both undergraduate and postgraduate students may find themselves asking one…

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